July 21, 2010 - USDA Disapproval

usda resignation controversy
So, here's what happened. The USDA forced the resignation of an African-American employee who may have made some racist comments about white farmers about a quarter-century ago when she wasn't employed by the federal government, and now they are re-thinking that decision. Personally, as long as they keep finding ways to approve my beef, I don't care who works for them.
david cameron visits obama
New British Prime Minister David Cameron made his first visit to Washington and came bearing gifts, including a painting by a graffiti artist. I don't know about you, but if you look at the painting, it looks like these graffiti artists need to learn how to spell. Either way, I guess if this new Prime Minister keeps bringing gifts, I'm sure our relationship with the Brits will be just fine, but, if the gifts stop...
flight turbulence causes injuries
Flight turbulence is always a little annoying, but this article might convince you to actually fasten that seatbelt when that little light flashes on. At least twenty-five people were injured, including 1 critically, when flight turbulence disturbed a flight somewhere over Kansas City. So, the lesson to be learned, when the voice on the overhead sound system tells you to do something, you should probably do it.
new north korea sanctions
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced further sanctions against North Korea in response to their not-so-secret ambitions to become a nuclear nation. While Kim Jong-il is not pleased by the sanctions, internally, North Korean officials believe that he will remain calm as long as they don't start to sanction the materials needed to fashion his beautiful wardrobe.
new usc ad
While USC will probably not be able to compete in a bowl game for the next 20 years or so, they will do so under the guidance of former Notre Dame on NBC color commentator Pat Haden, who was named their new Athletic Director yesterday. Of course, the biggest step USC has taken this offseason in righting the wrongs committed in the recent years was by firing coach Pete Carroll, or, well, not firing him, but by letting him depart for millions of dollars and an NFL coaching job.

teen turns cell phone into porsche
Eh, he just did it through a series of online trades…I know, I would have been so much more impressed if he put some wheels and a huge engine on the phone.

man hides monkeys in his pants
So, are those 18 monkeys in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? Oh, it's the monkeys.
man shoots wife with toilet paper
Apparently, you can put just about anything in a gun, shoot it, and it will really hurt.
whale jumps on yacht
Whales are just mammals, man. Sometimes maybe they want to party on a big yacht.
jimmy johnson joins survivor
Wow, so football coach Jimmy Johnson is still alive, and that TV show Survivor is still on the air.

I'm pretty sure this is a different USDA than the one that approves the cuts of meat that you buy at the grocery store. This one is even better...it's presented by Young Jeezy.

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