July 20, 2010 - Is This Tea Party Over?

tea party faces infighting
It has been a wacky few days for the Tea Party…wacky even for a group that spends a lot of their time playing dress-up in colonial-era outfits. First, the NAACP calls the group racist, then they have to kick a member out because he is racist, then the one Dem they were supporting announced he was rejecting that support. On top of all that, Tea Party hero Sarah Palin has been going around refudiating everything in sight...and don't worry, if you don't know what that means, no one else does either.
hiv gel
Researchers are reporting that they have developed a new gel for women that can cut the chances of getting HIV from an infected partner in half. The gel contains an active AIDS drug, and cynics are just hoping that it doesn't encourage risk-taking women to start taking more chances with partners that they know to be infected with HIV.
bp permanent seal
You may be hearing the phrase "static kill" referring to the BP oil spill in the next few days, as BP is seeking to calm worries that the gushing well is damaged. The static kill would involve pumping mud down the well to push oil and gas back into the reservoir. Of course, it will involve more tests and waiting, and a lot of cautious optimism, and growing belief that this thing may just be gushing oil into the ocean forever.
india plane crash
It may just be me, but train crashes don't seem like regular occurences, but the people in India may feel a little differently, as a second major train crash in the last 3 months in Eastern India killed 60 and injured 90 people. The first crash was eventually blamed on Maoist rebels, but it sounds like this latest crash might be blamed on bad train driving.
jobless aid extension
Good news for all those unemployed out there, who just can't manage to find another job in this tough economy. Most of you can continue making just as much as you would make at the job you are trying to get without ever having to go to that job, as the Senate extended jobless aid yet again. For those of you that actually want to work another job, sorry...no good news on that front.

hockey 17 year free agent deal
The Devils just locked up Ilya Kovalchuck through 2027, as long as global warming hasn't melted the world's ice rinks by then.

man refused hug goes to jail
I know it seems crazy, but if a drunk guy tries to hug you, he might not be so friendly if you refuse that hug.
woolly mammoth hunters global warming
It turns out you don't need to use less gas, just stop hunting woolly mammoths if you want to do your part to stop global warming.
travel prices falling
Looking for some place to spend all those unemployment checks you are going to keep getting…well, travel is supposed to be getting less expensive.
fake rap act
As long thought, it's not how well you can rap, it's how good your back story is.

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