July 22, 2010 - Silence of the Blago

blagojevich does not testify
For all you Blago-lovers out there that have been waiting for the past couple years for Blago to take the stand and prove to the world just how innocent he really is, yesterday was a sad day, as the defense rested in the former Illinois' governor's corruption case without him ever testifying. As an alternative, it is expected that he will participate in a reality show where he will proclaim his innocence without giving any further explanation.
obama signs financial overhaul
Barack Obama made sweeping financial overhaul official yesterday as he signed a bill into law that hopes to prevent risky behavior on Wall Street that lead to the Great Recession which we are currently facing. I'm sure it is pretty complicated stuff, but don't you worry, the boys on Wall Street have already started working on ways to get around the new law.
lindsay lohan in jail
If you didn't know, Mel Gibson's long-lost illegitimate daughter, Lindsay Lohan, started her "90-day" jail term the other day, and has already had visits from her mother and her sister. Supposedly, Lindsay will be out in just two weeks, but the big unknown remains how the papparazzi will survive these next 12 days without her.
reggie bush heisman decision
With all the drama that has unfolded at USC over the last few months, the biggest remaining issue involves the man at the center of the issue, who is fresh off of a Super Bowl win and a breakup with Kim Kardashian. So, while I'm sure it means a lot to him, I can't imagine that if they decide to take the Heisman Trophy away from Reggie Bush, he will lose too much sleep over it.
arizona immigration challenge
The federal government is set to challenge the controversial Arizona immigration law today before a federal judge in Phoenix. Arizona governor Jan Brewer said she is confident that the law will be upheld and the challenge will be turned back like anyone looking remotely Mexican trying to get into the state of Arizona.

drugging kids is abuse
Apparently, slipping kids narcotics without their knowledge may be considered child abuse…still, some parents say it is worth the risk.

homeless man reopens bar
This may be the most entrepreneurial homeless man ever.
crazy wild pitch
Tim Lincecum is one of the best pitchers in baseball…so I'm sure he had some reason for throwing a pitch into the outfield.
record catfish
Listen, I think regular-sized catfish are gross. So, you can imagine how I feel about a world-record for the largest catfish.
most unusual pet names
Some might argue that the fact that pets even have names is quite unusual.

Yes, it's true, Blago was not just a governor, he was THE governor. Read the amazingly (and scarily) true story here.

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