July 17-18, 2010 - fresh BRITISH OPEN weekend knowledge

kind of funny story movie
I have similar feelings about One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. That is, if I knew the mental hospital had Zack Galadafaafanakis and some hot chicks waiting there, I would have committed myself years ago.
mega mansion price cuts
Remember that $100 million mansion that you wanted, but thought you couldn't afford? Well, you still can't afford it, but someone with $90+ million might be able to now.
no clothes, no city council meetings
What kind of world are we living in when you can't go to a city council meeting in Boulder, CO, of all places, in your underwear???
selling lemonade for dan gilbert
I hate to break this to the kids of Cleveland, but if you really want to raise money, there are better causes than giving money to an irritable billionaire.
dangers of online love
It's hard enough to tell when someone asking you over an e-mail to send thousands of dollars to him in Africa is scamming you, but what do you do when that person is someone you have fallen in love with after a months-long online romance???
george steinbrenner dislike
Usually when people die, we try to forget about all the bad stuff they did for a little while, but some people just really really disliked George Steinbrenner too much to do that.
bad mothering
Strangely, it seems that this "mom" could be getting exactly what she asked for. God Bless America.
price is right perfection
This guy absolutely dominated The Price Is Right, which, of course, lead Drew Carey to believe he was a cheater.
holocaust survival dance
Some people are angry about this dance, even though I thought there was some kind of rule that you couldn't get mad at a Holocaust survivor for any reason.
orange mass priest
I'm telling you, man, people in Europe love soccer…also, people in Amsterdam love marijuana. I am not sure which factor is more to blame for this story.

I'm not the world's biggest Zach Galifianakis fan...or, I wasn't...until I saw this movie. Seriously, the kid steals the show in the show-stealing movie of 2009. Buy it. Watch it. Live it. Well, don't live it.

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