July 16, 2010 - The Day The Oil Stood Still

oil spill stops
Cautious optimism. I guess that's probably a pretty good term to describe what you should be feeling about the latest news on the spill in the Gulf. While oil has temporarily stopped flowing freely and rapidly into the ocean for the first time in almost 3 months, anyone who has been following this story knows all too "well" that optimism should not come without some type of descriptive term like "cautious," "guarded," or "What is."
financial reform passes senate
Leave it to the guys in Washington to make some progress on major financial regulation bill and slide it right past us on the same day that they stopped the oil from leaking into the Gulf. Although, I guess it's really pretty fitting. A potential overhaul of the regulatory system that almost destroyed our economy goes along with our theme for the day: if it seems too good to be true, well, let's not jinx it, let's just hope really really hard that it might just be true.
goldman sachs settlement
Speaking of financial regulation overhaul, Goldman Sachs paid over $550 million yesterday to settle claims by the SEC that it misled some of its investors. While normally the press would be ready to jump all over this and rip into the Goldman boys one more time, I guess the timing couldn't have better. Now that you have BP dumping a ton of oil into the ocean and having no clue how to fix it (until now), these guys at Goldman could teach classes on corporate responsibility and no one would think twice.
ship unearthed at ground zero
A ship dating back possibly to 1797 was found in the building site at Ground Zero where the World Trade Centers used to stand. I don't know all the details, but I know what you are thinking, and I guess it's possible the ship parts are wreckage from a lesser-known and much less deadly 18th century terrorist attack on New York.
rory mcilroy leader
Tiger Woods is lurking…no, no, not outside a local Scottish pub. Well, he might be, but he's also near the top of the leaderboard. However, he remains 4 strokes behind a young Irishman named Rory McIlroy, and 1 stroke behind older, fatter American John Daly after 1 day of play at the Open Championship in Scotland. The story of the day, though, was McIlroy, who is just 21, and has perhaps the most prototypical Irish name you could ever think of...aside from Patty McShea.

senate candidate action figures
Minor-league baseball game attendees don't expect much, so I have to imagine they will be absolutely delighted to receive an action figure of a guy running for the U.S. Senate.
lebron pendant investigation
I've heard about this story a little over the past few days…but then I saw a picture of the pendant. That thing is awesome, and I want at least one for myself.

beer cup snake
I don't know who the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are, but their fans are clearly more entertaining than they are.
bristol levi reality show
Could a potential reality show starring the Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston family be the ultimate demise of Sarah Palin's political career? One can only hope.
drunk driver blames lebron
Guy admits he was drinking and driving, but only because LeBron went to Miami instead of…the Celtics? If he wasn't so drunk, I'm sure he could have remembered that people are mad he didn't stay in Cleveland.

I can only assume you are as big a Keanu Reeves fan as I am. So how could you possibly pass up this movie starring Keanu, Kathy Bates and Jaden Smith?!?


  1. ...and to think I was worried it did not meet my high standards for Amateur Drawings. Good call, BGH!


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