July 15, 2010 - Tiger Goes Kilt-Chasing!

british open
Another month, another golf tournament, another round of personal Tiger questions going unanswered. This time the PGA heads across the pond and up the coast to Scotland for this year's edition of the British Open with the opening round getting underway this morning. Someone just needs to remind Tiger one more time that "chasing skirts" over there has an entirely different meaning.
bp leak testing
This is it. The big moment we have all been waiting for…and waiting for…and waiting for. Well, I guess it's not exactly the moment, but we're getting closer…well, maybe. BP is beginning a test that will determine if they possibly now have the ability to stop the oil leak after they fitted the leak with a tighter cap earlier in the week. So, really, I didn't mean to get you excited, but there's a good possibility that by the end of the day, absolutely nothing will have changed.
bristol palin levi engaged
Oh, kids these days…it just never ends with their texting and their sexting and OMG'ing and LOL'ing and getting knocked up while your mom runs for Vice President of the country, only to be dumped by the hockey player dad who then poses for Playgirl and badmouths your entire family on national television, only to come running back shortly thereafter to marry you for all the tabloids to see! Seriously, these kids are out of control.
fda avandia decision
If you are currently taking the diabetes drug Avandia, you have to be feeling really good about that right now, as the FDA announced that it was torn between banning the drug, or leaving it on the market with new restrictions and warnings related to concerns that it increases risks for heart attack and stroke. Although, I guess if you are taking the drug, you are probably more worried about the diabetes you do have versus the heart problems you might get, right?
naacp tea party
Here's some breaking news: The Tea Party, that grassroots political movement of (mostly) middle-aged and elderly white people with right wing views that can even make Sarah Palin a little nervous on occasion, may be racist! I know, it sounds a little ridiculous, I mean, these guys just want things to go back to they used to be...in colonial times...which, I guess, I always just figured had something to do with the clothing...

soccer fan gets tackled
I don't know if tackled is the right word, this guy makes it on the field, starts prancing around, and just when he starts getting a little comfortable…BOOM!
crazy mel gibson faces
It turns out that he has a face to go along with each one of his racist views.
taliban training monkeys
Call me crazy, but my guess is that these monkeys will be running the organization within a matter of weeks.
fugitive shows support for lohan
The excuse of wearing an ankle monitoring bracelets in support of Lindsay Lohan would make sense if anyone actually supported Lindsay Lohan.
men beat up porky pig
Listen, I don't support beating up mascots, but I have to admit, I always figured those guys were pretty well protected from attacks in those costumes.

I don't know what else to say, it's an insta-kilt. I guess those things aren't that easy to put on, so you should probably start with the insta-kilt if you've never worn one.

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