July 10-11, 2010 - fresh WORLD CUP FINAL weekend knowledge

world cup final octopus prediction
Amid death threats from the Germans, the octopus has spoken…and he says LeBron is going to Miami…oh, and Spain is going to win the World Cup finale this weekend.
miami heat introduction party
The solution for angry Cleveland fans is really quite simple: be like LeBron, move to Miami.
lohan scared of jail
Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is scared to death of jail…if only she would have thought of that while violating her parole on numerous occasions.
cell phone inventor
This old fellow claims he invented the cell phone. Zack Morris just popularized it.
10 disappearing brands
RadioShack is disappearing? Where will I get my radios now?
pictures with bozo
A bunch of people posing for pictures with some clown…literally.

Need an idea for your next children's birthday party? Well, these guys might work if you don't mind a bunch of crying children.
taiwanese government brawl
I can only assume that someone in the Taiwanese government suggested that they should try to build higher quality toys…leading to this brawl.
woman taped dog to fridge
Hell hath no fury like the crazy broad you just dumped left alone with a roll of tape and your dog.
cleveland reaction to lebron
Think of it this way, Cleveland...remember that scene in Varsity Blues where Dawson is tempted by the girl with the whipped cream bikini while he is dating the less popular girl? Well, if LeBron was Dawson, he would have gone for the whipped cream…can you really blame him?

Unless you happen to be one of the 20 or so best football (soccer) players from the Netherlands or Spain, you are not going to win the World Cup this weekend. Don't worry...you can pick up this little necklace for $19.95...which is about the same thing.


  1. She taped the dog ~upside down~ to the fridge?

    She needs to be tazed.


    Folks here in Columbus Ohio are just as angry, btw. So much so that ~I~ even know who Lebron is.


  2. I figured people in Columbus didn't know that professional sports existed, unless it involved a former Buckeyes star. The big question is who will be more hated now, LeBron, or anyone from Michigan?

  3. For now it will be Lebron. Come football season? Michigan. Definitely.


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