June 15, 2010 - E3: Extravagant Electronics Extravaganza?

e3 expo
The E3, or the, uh, Electronic something something kicked off unofficially yesterday, and kicks off a little more officially today. The big story of the day was Microsoft's unveling of the Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360, which, I am assuming, will do some crazy stuff that is probably better left to college students and people who live in their parents' basements.
afghanistan minerals found
Over $1 trillion of minerals have been discovered in Afghanistan. The minerals include gold, copper and iron, and are scattered across the country. Of course, they aren't exactly immediately accesible, otherwise I'm sure we never would have heard about this, and our national debt would have been mysteriously lowered by about 1/12.
texas stays in big 12
Well, after weeks of speculation on the demise of the Big Twelve, the linchpin in the whole deal (being courted by everyone from the Pac-10 to the NHL's no-longer-existent Campbell Conference) Texas, has decided to save the Big Twelve by staying put. Of course, now that Colorado and Nebraska have left, the Big Twelve now actually has 10 teams, and the Big Ten has 12 teams...so, everything in the NCAA still makes as much sense as it did last week.
vuvuzuela world cup
Have you ever watched one of those world cup games, and it sounds just like the entire stadium is being surrounded by a large army of angry cicadas? Well, that noise comes from the world's most famous horn: the vuvuzuela. Some people don't like the horn...but don't worry, FIFA happens to have a soft spot for it, meaning those cicada nightmares will continue so long as you choose to watch the World Cup.
bp shortcuts before spill
For the 87th time in the past 2 months, it has been reported that BP took shortcuts in the days leading up to the oil spill, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, and now, here we are. Unfortunately, there is still no word on any advances in the development of that oil spill prevention time machine.

gary coleman living will
It turns out that Gary Coleman had a living will that dictated that he should be kept on life support for 15 days unless he slip into an irreversible coma…only about 14 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes longer than he was actually kept alive by his ex-wife. Oops.
rwanda health insurance
Hmmmm…Rwanda is making fun of our health care system here in the United States. I have to imagine there is some irony or something like that to be found here, right?
drunk driving checkpoint goat
How many times do we have to remind you people: if you are gonna stuff your goat in the trunk of your car, try to avoid routes that involve DUI checkpoints.
idaho mayonnaise lady
I'm assuming this lady just wants to help people out by applying condiments to their sandwiches. The only problem: she thinks people are storing their sandwiches in places like library dropboxes.
jimmy dean dies
Apparently, there was a guy named Jimmy Dean who sang country songs and ran a sausage empire. I always just assumed the sausage was named after that old actor James Dean.

Yeah, I know you already have an XBox 360, but do you have the 120GB Elite Spring Mega-Fantastic Super 2010 Bundle? Yeah, I didn't think so, and even if you do, you should probably get one more, just in case that first one breaks down...trust me.


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