June 14, 2010 - Kicked Balls Gone Awry!

world cup ball controversy
The first weekend of the World Cup is over, and it has ended with more "controversies" than actual goals scored, not the least of which involves the official ball being used. Players claim that the ball is unfair, and unpredictable, leading to costly mistakes. Of course, the players on the winning teams so far have not had any of these problems.
kyrgyzstan clashes
Kyrgyzstan, one of several former Soviet republics ending in "stan", is experiencing significant ethnic violence, leading the government to plead with Russia for help as thousands of citizens flea for a safer "stan." It turns out spelling the country's name is no longer the biggest problem the Kyrgs are facing.
boston celtics lead finals
The Boston Celtics took a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals last evening, leaving them one game away from a second championship in 3 years. Of course, they will need to win one game on the visiting court to pull off the feat, and a certain Laker named after a tasty cut of Japanese beef is unlikely to let the title slip so easily.
bp escrow fund
As Barack Obama prepares for another visit to the hurting Gulf region and a Tuesday night address to the nation, everyone's favorite oil company is hard at work trying to hide all that oil floating around. However, it is unlikely that Obama will be fooled, and he has announced plans on setting up a BP escrow account to make sure we don't get stiffed on the bill. Not a bad idea, considering BP may be out of business for years by the time this whole thing is under control.
vince young strip club assault
What is it about NFL quarterbacks and nightclub assault charges? I suppose that is a dumb question, considering these guys are used to being assaulted by 300-pound questionably-muscled (steroids, anyone?) men for a living, but Vince Young is the latest to fall victim to the trend...or prey on a victim in the trend, I guess.

pregnant woman hit and run
I know this is a very sad story, but you do have to wonder what Ludjana Dido was doing out getting involved in violent alcohol-fueled clashes at 1:00am at 6 months pregnant, right? I'm just saying
carville on louisiana's plight
Louisiana doesn't want charity, it just wants justice! Great slogan, but let's be honest, those Ragin' Cajuns should probably take the charity along with the justice…and maybe seek higher ground.
diddy gives son maybach
Great segue into this story…as millions of people suffer in the Gulf region, Puff Daddy Combs has given his son a $360,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday, just because he can. This is our country!
tea party lack of organization
It appears the Tea Party lacks a leader, organization, and while we're at it, how about logic, reasoning and empathy?
massachusetts parents casino abandon kids
Some parents in Massachusetts left their kids in the parking lot of a casino while they went inside to gamble. I mean, where else are they supposed to leave them? It's not like these casinos have play areas…not for kids, at least.

The official ball of the World Cup. Get the world's most deceptively accurate ball today, and amaze your friends with it's mysterious powers, which apparently include making grown men whine and cry.

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