June 12-13, 2010 - FResh WEekend KNowledge

jail time for cutting hair
As a frequent user of public transportation, let me tell you: the bus is a scary place. Now, I'm all for public transportation, and it's definitley cheap, but sometimes you end up getting what you pay for.
paul pierce punches ref
Hats off to Paul Pierce, who does an absolutely brilliant job of punching this ref and making it look accidental.
lady gaga at mets game
Now for the baseball section of today's entry. We begin with Lady Gaga flicking off everyone in attendance at a Mets game. Not sure why...I can't imagine those New Yorkers had anything but nice things to say to her.
new baseball stadium aquarium
The Florida Marlins are building a baseball park that will include aquariums behind home plate. To make it feel just like a real ocean, they may have BP dump some oil in there.
dick vitale hit by foul ball
Dicky Vitale went to a Tampa Bay Rays game recently, and was drilled by a foul ball off the bat of a player who clearly doesn't see eye to eye with Mr. Vitale on his love for the Duke Blue Devils.
the hottest sarah palin gear
Are you a member of the Sarah Palin cult, but don't feel like your gear adequately reflects your completely heterosexual God-fearing love for your favorite Alaskan? Check this paraphernalia out. One size fits all 50-85 year old white women.
english soccer hooligans
English soccer hooligans: should they be caged? Well, yeah, probably, but you can still read the article.
wants to be worlds heaviest woman
God bless this lady for refusing to fold to the current "health" and "anti-obesity" nonsense pushed by the "lame-stream" media. This is America, baby!
swedish men parental leave
...and this is Sweden, meaning dudes act like chicks, on occasion. They probably go to the bars and don't even care how their light beer tastes.
john mccain snooki tweeting
John McCain and Snooki have been hollering at each other at Twitter lately, which makes you think, how much would you pay for a McCain-Snooki sex tape? Throw in Sarah Palin, and how much does the price jump?

I always thought it would be cool to go out to a bar wearing a ref outfit. Not only does it make a great fashion statement, but you could serve as the official "argument ref" for irrational arguments between drunk people.

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  1. As a result of your site I am now aware of 'supersize bombshells' - via number 8 above. Of course I had to click - the voyeur in me - I am, to use an English expression, flabbergasted. Katrina, age 24, says she is a girly girl threw and threw (sic) who loves shoes! Looks like she has been doing some pretty serious 'threwing' down her gullet!
    Can you imagine the puddle if you rendered down 380 pounds of blubber!!!!! Ugh!!!! And how much wax she would need for a Brazilian????? Ugh!!! You started this by tempting me with the link, I am powerless over my mouse...


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