June 11, 2010 - Some Big Soccer Tournament

world cup opening festivities
How do we know the party is officially on in South Africa? The Black Eyed Peas have arrived, and performed one or more of their strangely successful pop songs (seriously, those guys are everywhere, aren't they?) surely to the delight of the honorable Nelson Mandela. Oh, also the big tournament kicks off (pun) this morning with a game between Mexico and the host nation, if you were wondering.
ncaa conference team movement
Meanwhile, in the American version of football, big news broke yesterday as the first domino fell in the great conference migration of 2010. Colorado appears to be headed to the Pac-10, which should be followed by Nebraska moving to the Big Ten some time today, followed by a flurry of additional moves that will leave Kansas and Kansas State as the lone remaining members of what was formerly known as the Big Twelve, and will now be known as the Kansas Two.
oil spill estimates doubled
On cue, the unsurprising yet depressing oil spill story of the day came out last night, when government scientists revised their estimates of daily oil flow gushing from the sunken oil rig up to almost 40,000 barrels a day. Now, if you remember, and I know you do, the original estimate was about 1,000 barrels daily. Which is pretty insane, when you consider the average person can watch the oil spill live on the internet, and probably make a more reasonable guess than these scientists seem to be able to.
solo sailor missing
A 16 year-old girl attempting to become the youngest person to sail non-stop around the world is missing somewhere out there in the Indian Ocean. While this might seem like an unusual and dangerous goal, apparently, the girl's brother accomplished the feat when he was 17, meaning she would be edging him out by one year...and you know how intense those sibling rivalries can be.
arlington graves mismarked
It turns out that up to 200 soldiers' graves at Arlington National Cemetery may be incorrectly identified. Certainly a very unusual story, which becomes even stranger when you try to figure out how exactly they figured this out...kinda like trying to figure out how the first guy to drink milk decided it was a good idea.

roethlisberger apologizes
Ben Roethlisberger has publicly apologized for the incident in the bathroom of a nightclub in Atlanta that lead to sexual assault charges. He blames it on the fact he was young and immature...2 months ago. Also, it wasn't really him, it was his alter ego, Big Ben. Also, he said "I'm sorry, now back the hell off!"
topless pinatas in texas
Apparently, someone has hung some X-rated pinatas at an intersection down in Texas, and local parents are none too happy. In fact, they are so mad, they could just smash those crazy pinatas to pieces, but they don't even want to know what's inside.
blackhawk wants to punch chris pronger
Yes, the Stanley Cup Finals are over, but apparently winning doesn't solve everything for some people, as one Blackhawk, Adam Burish, still wants to punch Flyers star Chris Pronger in the face. However, from what I've heard, it would take a lot more than a Stanley Cup to make someone not want to punch Pronger in the face.
man strangled by own snake
You have to wonder how many stories like this have to happen before people finally stop trying to keep pet bears, snakes, tigers, pitbulls and chimps (yes, chimps, those things are crazy!)
barkley on jordans hitler stache
If you haven't heard, Michael Jordan was recently spotted in a Hanes ad wearing a mustache eerily similar to that previously worn by, oh, I don't know, Charlie Chaplin, and, maybe, Adolf Hitler! Which is cool, because MJ can do whatever he wants, and at least he's not making any more ads with that criminal Charlie Sheen. Still, Chuck Barkley has to get his shot at Mike in while he can.

Everyone knows you can't play soccer without a ball, and if you have to buy one, you might as well, get the best. Of course, I'm not really sure if this one is the best, but it appears to be round, so it should get the job done. Now, time to find some goals.

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