June 10, 2010 - Hawk-ey Is Back!

blackhawks stanley cup
People in Chicago normally don't like to wait a long time for stuff like summer or World Series championships, but they have been forced to learn patience through lots of experience. So, it was a relatively short wait considering it was only 49 years in between Stanley Cups for the city's hockey club. Nevertheless, it seems they are excited to see hockey back in Chicago, quite literally. I think a lot of people in the city forgot they had a team, or that the sport existed, for a few years there.
nebraska big ten
We all know the Big Ten doesn't really even have ten teams to begin with, although if you don't include Northwestern I guess they do. Well, now they are looking to make the name even more misleading, as it is rumored that Nebraska is ready to make the move from the Big 12, which could lead to even more dominoes falling that could eventually leave us with one really big conference...that they'll probably just call the Big 300. I know, these NCAA guys are creative.
iran new sanctions
It is now official, Iran has received its newest set of sanctions, and President Ahmadinajed has wasted no time responding with some poorly translated metaphor that no one understands, and probably doesn't make a lot of sense even if you do understand it. He has compared the new sanctions to a "used handkerchief." I mean, does anyone even use handkerchiefs any more?
primary results new candidates
For those of you not paying attention to the Tuesday primaries, I don't blame you, this stuff is hard to keep up with, especially right now, when people are just competing to be able to compete. Anyways, the great state of California will have a couple of former high-tech CEO's running as Republicans for the governor and Senate seats. Here's the real twist (for me, at least): these former CEO's are women...kinda like new school Sarah Palins with real college degrees and everything.
oil collection improving
So, the good news is that the oil collection in the Gulf is finally improving. The bad news? Apparently, they are admitting that the optimism they stated earlier about reduced oil flow was unfounded. The worse news: still no progress on the time machine oil spill reversal technique proposed by Doc Brown (you know, Back to the Future...)

ben roethlisberger tapes
The police tapes related to Ben Roethlisberger's recent sexual assault charges have been released by police in Georgia. Apparently, the girl making the charge was scared of Big Ben and his apparent roid rage, or, uh, his short temper.
gary coleman deathbed photos published
Nooooo, they aren't published on this site. You people are sick, I'm telling you. I'm sure you can find out where they are published via the link above though.
jersey shore std-free
Snooki and The Situation claim that they do not have herpes, or any other STD, as has been widely speculated. Although, to be fair, they probably just don't know what STD stands for.
cop accepts pizza fakes own shooting
One cop, two separate incidents. A couple years back, he faked his own shooting. Then, recently, he accepted 3 pizzas to drop a speeding ticket. So, the lesson to be learned here is obvious:always carry 3 pizzas in your car...you never know when you might get pulled over.
woman calls 911 to meet men
I don't get it. Once you see this lady's picture, you'll probably wonder the same thing as me: why was it so hard for this lady to find a husband?

I'm not entirely sure the entire title of this DVD, but it does appear to be about the Stanley Cup, and it does sound intriguing, so if any of you make the purchase, send in your reviews and I'll fill everyone else in.

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