June 9, 2010 - Mr. Strasburg Goes to Washington!

stephen strasburg debut
Well, Tuesday was a big day for the people of Washington, and not just those running for office on platforms revolving around ignorance and tea. Young phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg did the unthinkable for the Washington Nationals in his Major League debut: he sold out a Nationals vs. Pirates game! Oh, and he struck out 14 hitters and allowed just 4 hits.
tuesday primaries
I didn't follow the primary races on Tuesday too closely, but that's mainly because I don't live in any of the states that were involved...and I don't vote. But, if you happen to live in a state like Nevada, Arkansas, Georgia or South Carolina, first of all, I'm sorry. Second of all, I'm mostly kidding, but there is some crazy stuff going down politically in each of those states, so check the link to find out which random person with no political experience will be running for one of your state's highest posts.
missing second grader
I thought we'd take a break from those oil spill stories for a day, and what do we get in exchange: the story of an Oregon second-grader who went to school last week and never came home. The search is now entering its fifth day, and it appears no one has any idea where the kid is. So, if you are reading this, do your part and try and find the little guy. I think we could all really use a much more positive news story to replace the oil spill.
world cup anticipation
South Africa is getting fired up for that huge soccer tournament they are hosting in a few days. Even Nelson Mandela is getting excited, as it is reported he will attend opening ceremonies for the tourney. For Americans reading, soccer is a sport played with a round ball using only your feet, and Nelson Mandela is the legendary former president/human rights activits of South Africa. Now back to more American-friendly news.
gm windshield wiper recall
I told you we would get you back to American-friendly news, and what's more American than one of the Big 3 auto companies instituting a massive recall of one of their vehicles, this one for windshield wipers that start fire. If it comes to a vote between apple pie, baseball, and this, I'd argue that this is the most American of the 3: This is our country!

golden tate donut thief
So, apparently, Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate (real name), yet to play in his first NFL game, loves donuts so much he broke into a donut store in the middle of the night...and his new first-year coach Pete Carroll kind of understands. So, yeah, Seahawks fans have to be excited.
little boy drinking beer
Yes, Philadelphia is the town that booed Santa Claus during an Eagles game, but that looks tame compared to what you'll see at a Phillies game this year. You might see a drunk fat guy puking on a little girl, a teenager getting tasered on field during the game, or ALL NEW: a 4 year-old kid drinking beer..
102 mile barefoot run
This guy ran 102 miles...on a high school track...barefoot. At least it was all for a good cause, and if you are a big fan of foot injuries, it was a real good cause.
barack obama whoomp there it is
You may have seen this by now...well, I know you've seen the music video, probably a million times. Okay, maybe that's just me. Not sure how I never noticed President Obama partying with the Tag Team, though.
alanis morrisette marries white rapper
Alanis Morrissette is back in the news, finally. She recently married a rapper named SoulEye...who is a white guy...that no one has ever heard of. Personally, I was hoping for a You Can't Do That On Television reunion.
Before now, there was never a reason to get a Washington Nationals t-shirt with any player's name on it, so if you want to play it old school, go with this one. Otherwise, you can wait until those Strasburg and Harper replicas start flooding the market...real original.

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