June 16, 2010 - o-BAM!-a Takes it to BP

obama oil address
Yo, listen up BP, I don't know who you think you are, but a certain President of the United States is none too happy about what you are trying to do to his legacy. I mean, it's probably good that you are taking some of the focus off of that health care/rising national debt/socialism stuff, but really, I think most people prefer socialism to oceans filled with oil...well, except for the Tea Party.
north korea brazil world cup game
Everyone thought this game would go according to form, and Brazil would walk away with a 78-0 win, causing Kim Jong-il to throw a temper tantrum in his palace, but that was only because no one was sure if this North Korean team really existed. Well, they do exist, and they hire Chinese actors as fans, and they didn't get destroyed by the Brazilians...so, all in all, Kim Jong's temper tantrum should be relatively minor.
iphone 4 pre-sales
If you are reading this, then you already now (or you are gonna freak out when you find out) iPhone 4 pre-sales started yesterday, causing mass chaos among a bunch of people who will have to trade in these new gadgets for iPhone 5's just a couple weeks after this product physically arrives.
izzo rejects nba offer
Tom Izzo says he's a Spartan for life, and has no intention of coaching in the NBA any time soon. If I had to guess, he probably didn't want to get stuck coaching a bunch of non-Lebrons…or maybe he just really wanted the chance to coach a conference game against Nebraska?
miley cyrus perez hilton
Call it Panty-Gate '10…as a matter of fact, call it whatever you want. Apparently, Perez Hilton posted some upskirt pictures of the not-so-legal Miley Cyrus on his website recently. His defense is that if she is old enough to be a mentor on American Idol, then she is old enough to be exposed for cash on the web.

bristol palin levi johnston reunion
Don't tell Sarah (who is apparently busy getting, uh, enhanced…just rumors, of course) but her abstinence-loving single mother of a daughter is back with the Playboy-posing hockey stud that knocked her up.
north korea's 2nd biggest fan
This guy from somewhere in the UK is apparently the world's second-biggest North Korean soccer fan. The only difference between him and Kim Jong-il: the severe human rights violations.
touchdown jesus struck by lightning
These people didn't think that Jesus was serious about not wanting people to build and worship statues of him. Maybe they will think twice next time.
337 pound alaskan halibut
I had no idea halibut were this gigantic. Honestly, it makes the fish a little less appetizing next time I see it on a menu.
annoying sporting event habits
For me, there is nothing worse than the wave…or maybe the "knowledgable" drunk heckler sitting behind me at the baseball game.

If you work at BP, we recommend you buy this smiling Obama bobblehead, and picture him saying nice things about you and your company. It might not get all that oil out of the ocean, but you should feel slightly better about yourself.

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