May 6, 2010 - Los Suns: Spanish for THE Suns

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1. phoenix suns immigration law
On the American celebration of Cinco de Mayo, which I am pretty sure most Mexican-Americans don't even know about, the Phoenix Suns voiced, or wore, their support for opponents of the Arizona immigration law. The Suns joined other sports figures who are calling to take action against the state of Arizona in response to what they feel is an unjust law by wearing Los Suns on their jerseys for their game against the San Antonio Spurs. While Governor Jan Brewer did the logical thing and took to ESPN to defend her law, Suns star Steve Nash said he was just concerned about being harassed by police himself, seeing as he is from Canada and all.

2. nigerian president dead
Nigeria's president Umaru Yar'Adua has died after a long battle with various ailments. Coming into office after a flawed election, Yar'Adua had promised reform, but his illness lead to a civil wars and unrest in Nigeria. He had been in Saudi Arabia for emergency treatment since last November, effectively leaving the country in a state of limbo. So, while saddened by the president's death, Nigerians are clearly hoping that their luck will soon change...well, I guess, they are really doing more than just hoping for good luck. I mean, they even have an acting president named Goodluck Jonathan.

3. oil containment dome
The battle to contain the massive oil spill in the Gulf Coast continues, as the geniuses over at BP are now trying to drop some type of massive box over the spill, and just hoping that it goes away. No, I am sure it is a lot more complicated than that, but the fact that the spill has come this far really doesn't inspire a lot of confidence now, does it? Let's hope that it's at least some kind of magic box that can make oil disappear.

4. angry greeks
Now might be a good time to reschedule that upcoming summer vacation to Greece. Apparently, Greek citizens are really really unhappy about government mismanagement leading to the the country's finances being so bad that a $146 Billion bailout and massive government cutbacks were necessary to avoid total disaster. Now, when I say that the Greeks are unhappy, don't get confused. They aren't going around wearing colonial outfits and making baseless accusations and ignorant arguments. When Greeks get angry, they go all out. They burn stuff down, they bathe in tear gas, and they kill bank employees. They don't even waste time coming up with a cool name for their movement.

5. times square bomber
Another day of interrogation of the suspect in the attempted car bombing of Times Square does not appear to have revealed much. The big news was that suspect Faisal Shahzad was not all that surprised when he was finally caught (on a plane, despite being on the no-fly list...but that's a whole other story.) Investigators believe that Shahzad may have, as he claims, acted alone in his embarrassingly woeful attempt at scaring people, but they will continue to investigate, and probably keep all the really cool information that they uncover classified anyways.

6. british vote
With financial chaos raging across Europe, and ash clouds disrupting more flights in the UK, those crazy Brits head to the polls today to vote in the general election for Prime Minister. The race is one of the tightest in the long history of the country, with incumbent Gordon Brown, projected leader David Cameron, and young upstart Nick Clegg hoping to win the seat. However, polls across the country show that a majority of the votes may actually end up going to Susan Boyle. People still can't get over that performance that wowed Simon Cowell a couple years back.

7. elisabeth hasselbeck erin andrews
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the resident conservative nutjob on The View, apologized to reporter and Dancing With The Stars contestant Erin Andrews for saying that her outfits on the show might be tempting potential peeping toms out there. Andrews was, of course, recently the victim of such a crime, and did not take too kindly to the remarks. She said that Hasselbeck just wished that people cared enough to spy on, she didn't really say that, she actually said it was not appropriate to make light of the situation, so I apologize as well.

8. american idol harry connick jr
If this whole musician/actor/composer-type thing doesn't work out for Harry Connick Jr., well, I guess it has worked out...really well, actually, but if it were to stop working out one day, he proved the last two nights, with his appearances as a mentor on American Idol, that he may fit in just as well as Simon Cowell's replacement, or perhaps even on the standup comedy circuit. Idol host Ryan Seacrest would support such a move only if they put a clause in his contract that prevented Connick from standing next to him, and making him look even shorter than the 4'8" that he is listed at.

9. google new logos
Google is unveiling new logos and designs for its search pages this week. The changes are really so subtle that a lot of people won't even really notice, but since this is a website located on the internet, we are contractually obligated to mention any news that has to do with Google.

10. dc medical marijuana
Congress is about to loosen up a whole lot, my friends. The District of Columbia Council recently approved the use of medical marijuana for certain chronic illnesses. Illnesses such as HIV, glaucoma, and cancer will qualify for use. Of course, I have to imagine that all those healthy politicians running around down there will find a way to get in on the action, as well.

Drop that FRESH knowledge!
(These topics are getting hot...)

1.dwyane wade's kids lawsuit
Dwyane Wade's kids are suing him for emotional distress. I wonder if this has anything to do with Wade's ex-wife being insane.

2. chocolate flavored baby formula
Babies across the world are applauding the introduction of chocolate and vanilla flavored formulas. Unfortunately for them, parents and childhood obesity opponents are not in agreement.

3. justin beiber bad interview
Justin Beiber bombed an interview in New Zealand when asked about what Beiber means in German? Hey man, I am just as confused as he is...but I never trusted those Kiwis to begin with.

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