May 29-30, 2010 - fresh weekend KNOWLEDGE!

gary coleman died
It's a sad day for child actor fans everywhere, as perhaps the most famous of all child actors, little Arnold from Different Strokes, has passed away.
baseball player loses vision
This could have been a lot worse, but this is why blind people generally don't play baseball.
lesbian bishops
Lesbian Bishops is not the name of a new porn movie...well, it might be...but that's not the story here, and I know what you're thinking, lesbians can be bishops now? The answer is still technically no.
most overpriced vehicles
If you ask me, all vehicles are overpriced, unless Segways count as vehicles. I'd pay a million bucks to get my hands on one of those things.
blago mug shot
I want to get a poster-sized version of this and hang it over my fireplace...just to remind myself that crime never pays, and that Blago is still really awesome.
future colombian president
The new President of Colombia is apparently quite eccentric, probably from years of Colombian cocaine abuse.
nudist facebook
Yes, this is a business concept that sounds like it will work out just fine, just like that Chat Roulette thing.
smoking 2 year old video
I'm telling these days, they just start earlier and earlier. When I was a kid, most Indonesians didn't start smoking until they were 5.
hockey michael jordan statue
The people of Chicago are really excited for the Stanley Cup finals for their Blackhawks. Still, I can't imagine MJ will be thrilled to see his statue all dressed up in hockey gear.
china factory morale booster
A factory in China where a number of employees have committed suicide recently has increased wages...because I'm sure that is what was depressing workers, not the poor working conditions.

GC may be gone, but with this poster, he will never be forgotten.

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