May 24, 2010 - Lost No Longer Found

Today's BIG news!
lost series finale
If you follow TV really closely, then I am sure you are aware that last night was the series finale of the relatively popular drama Lost. Listen, if I'm being completely honest, I don't know a whole lot about the show, but I assume it is ending because everyone was finally found, and the title no longer made any sense.
india plane crash
A devastating plane crash in Southern India over the weekend killed 158 of the 166 people aboard. Apparently, the airline responsible for the crash, Air India, is state-run, unprofitable, and occasionally, it's pilots and crew get in fights mid-flight.
jamaica emergency
Jamaicans have declared a state of emergency in the capital city of Kingston this weekend, as gangs blocked off large sections of town and attacked police stations in support of a drug lord wanted by the United States. Who knows, maybe this guy is innocent, but the simple fact that he is known as a "drug lord" doesn't bode well for his chances in court.
oil spill findings
Drill baby drill! Apparently, that phrase was not coined by Sarah Palin, but has been used by the U.S. government for years. What you don't normally hear is the entire phrase, which is "Drill baby probably won't spill!"
blackhawks stanley cup
The Chicago Blackhawks are returning to the Stanley Cup Finals seeking their first championship in almost 50 years. Quite a feat considering they had to get through traditional NHL powerhouse in the hockey-mad town of San Jose.

Now drop that FRESH knowledge!
mom phone sex jobs
Apparently, the economy is so bad, that stay-at-home moms are trying to make a little extra cash in the phone sex industry. I know exactly what you are thinking...and yes, apparently, phone sex still exists.
gigantic tornado in south dakota
A gigantic tornado was caught on tape by storm chasers in South Dakota this weekend. Really, not big news if you've seen either Twister or Wizard of Oz, but tornado destruction footage never seems to get old.
chicken costumes banned nevada
For all you people planning on showing up to polling places in Nevada any time soon wearing chicken costumes, it's time to make a backup plan.
underrated us cities
Looking to make a trip somewhere in the U.S. to a city that probably doesn't suck quite as much as you think it does? Well, if you are, here is a list for you.
man stuck in sausage machine
This is a very strange story because it involves two things, a cleaning man and a sausage machine, that I had never really heard of before.

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