May 22-23, 2010 - that FRESH weekend knowledge

the FRESH weekend knowledge!
summer movies
Summer movies are coming out soon...probably starting around the same time as summer. Here are just a couple of your options.
little chinese michael jackson
I am sure the King of Pop would have been so impressed by this imitation that he would have invited the young boy to spend the night at Neverland Ranch.
oldest workers in america
I can only pray to God that I am a.) live this long, and b.) am not working at that age, if I do happen to make it.
ugly people lose in court
It's true, ugly people never fare well in court...guilty people rarely do either, with some notable exceptions.
rand paul controversial viewpoints
Listen, Rand Paul isn't saying that he supports racism, and he doesn't like racists, but he also doesn't seem to mind if you want to conduct yourself or your business in a prejudiced or racist manner.
idaho congress puerto rico question
The statehood of Puerto Rico has absolutely zero to do with winning a House seat in Idaho...but still, shouldn't you at least have to know what Puerto Rico is to be elected to Congress?
trading agency uses fax machine
Technology moves so fast that the agency that oversees futures markets just looked up for the first time since 1992 and realized technology had left it behind!
save pete the moose
Don't worry, some giant moose up in Montana is not going to be destroyed thanks to a Facebook movement. The bad news: fewer moose burgers to go around at BBQs this summer.
justin bieber hits glass door
Justin Bieber is on a hot streak. First he forgot what the word German meant, then he ran into a glass door trying to get out of one of those new-fangled revolving doors.
science of getting choked out
This video is actually kind of disturbing, and it seems to promote getting choked out...but, it's all in the name of science, so, no complaints here.

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