May 15-16, 2010 - FRESH weekend knowledge

That FRESH weekend knowledge!
1. children racially biased
A clip from Anderson Cooper's new show called "Kids say the most racist things."
2. obama buffalo cougar
A not-so-young lady in Buffalo is catching some heat for telling the President that he was a hottie with a smokin body. Of course, being from Buffalo and being a cougar, social graces and modern politics aren't exactly her top priorities.
3. embarrassing baseball problem
Jarrod Saltalamacchia was once a highly-touted catching prospect for the Texas Rangers...then he forgot how to throw the ball back to the pitcher.
4. stuff my kids ruined
If you've ever watched a family sitcom, you know that kids are crazy, and always seem to be causing some type of trouble. They often leave parents wondering where these kids got all their bad habits, trouble-making tendencies, and the rest of their genetic makeup from...unless they were adopted, then it definitely came from the birth parents.
5. alpaca beating in ohio
Farmers in Ohio are outraged at the recent savage beating of an alpaca, which I believe is another word for llama. Farmers generally only support slaughtering animals...not beating them.
6. jen aniston eats baby food
Jen Aniston claims that she does not eat baby food any more. Well, she never ate it...except when she was a baby...and for a period of 2-3 years after her divorce from Brad Pitt.
7. tiny horse pictures
Even if you hate all the rest of this weekend's links, only a cruel alpaca-beating farmer could resist pictures of a tiny little horse.
8. eric byrnes gone crazy
Eric Byrnes was once a good baseball player. He was also once a crazy-haired baseball analyst. Now he's just an overpaid softball player...not that there's anything wrong with softball.
9. facebook black market
Facebook has stepped up their security and got rid of that guy selling 1.5 million user accounts on the black market. All the rest of your annoying friends are still there though.
10. epic beard man internet legend
If you haven't heard of the Epic Beard Man, known for a little confrontation on an Oakland bus a few months back, then here is your chance to catch up. The article might even be too lengthy...unless you are really into this guy.

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