April 7, 2010 - I, Me, My, MINE

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Well, it appears the owners of the Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia where 25 miners were recently killed, and 4 still remain trapped, is drawing sharp scrutiny for subpar safety and environmental records. Strange, because when I think of coal mining companys, the first things that come to my mind are safety and environmental consciousness.

Here's a surprise: Iran is not happy with Obama mentioning nuclear weapons, regardless of what the content is. "Wait until your sweat dries and get some experience," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinajed strangely cautioned Obama. I believe Mr. Ahmadinajed believes he has patented any conversation of nuclear weaponry.

You know, The Masters is really a very unique tradition. I challenge you to think of a similar tradition. Anyways, the big golf tournament starts tomorrow, and there is a rumor swirling that Tiger Woods will be in playing the field.

There is political unrest and upheaval in just about every corner of the world these days. Kyrgyzstan has gone about trying to make Tea Party protests seem like...well, tea parties. It appears the angry mob may have even beaten their interior minister to death. I am pretty sure they are just upset that the name of the country is so hard to spell.

Apparently, last night was not only Lennon-McCartney night, but also unusual instrument night on American Idol. One dude broke out a bagpipe player as is tradition on Hey Jude, while the clear frontrunner went even crazier and used a didgeridoo on Come Together. Although, I'm pretty sure she just liked the name, and had no clue what a didgeridoo actually was.

I'm telling you...political upheaval is the theme this month. A bunch of red-coats red shirts stormed the Thai parliament forcing lawmakers to evacuate by helicopter. I'm still trying to figure out what they were protesting, and how they got their name.

Good news for all those who believe the South never really lost the Civil War: Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is on your side, and is bringing back Confederate History month in his state. Because we should never forget how hard (and unsuccessfully) some people fought to continue owning slaves.

Indonesia is made up of 17,000+ islands (seriously!) One of them was struck by a relatively major earthquake yesterday. Don't worry, apparently the source was too deep to produce a tsunami. Well, that's what she said. Seismologist Susan Potter, that is.

It appears the city of Los Angeles is moving closer and closer to a fiscal crisis that will force them to shut down city offices, and stop paying city employees. Of course, after that, I assume we will see something along the lines of that crazy scene from the trailer for the movie 2012.

If you are into technology, you probably already know all about net neutrality. If you aren't, then you probably don't care all that much, but this is a big story either way. Apparently, the courts say that internet providers can manage and provide internet however they want to, and there is nothing you can do about it. Sounds a lot like that old Sandra Bullock classic movie The Net...kind of?

Drop that FRESH knowledge!
(These topics are getting hot...)
1. buzz aldrin
Apparently, Buzz Aldrin is considered a "star." Sadly enough, no one will be Dancing With him any longer.

2. chris bosh face
Chris Bosh broke his face in a basketball game last night. That is the second-worst injury one can suffer in sports, right behind "broken body."

3. hillel presser
Some awesomely-named guy named Hillel Presser showed up on the Millionaire Matchmaker recently. While I have no idea if he found his soulmate, I can tell you that he should have a good chance at succeeding in one area in the future.

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