April 5, 2010 - Shake It Cali!

1. california earthquake 
California, Mexico and seemingly everywhere else on the Pacific Coast were rocked by earthquakes yesterday. Apparently only 2 people were killed, but over 100,000 were injured and worst of all: major damage was done to Johnny Drama's attempt at a world record.

2. donovan mcnabb 
The long-standing love affair between Donovan McNabb and Eagles fans is finally over. Mr. McNabb is going to Washington, which, of course, means a huge victory for dogfighting enthusiasts everywhere.

3. aral sea 
Meanwhile, in environmental disaster news, the Aral Sea, which was once the fourth-largest body of fresh water in the world, has decreased in size by 90%.

4. great barrier reef 
Hold on, while we're on the subject, it appears someone is spilling oil all over the Great Barrier Reef.

5. terreblanche 
This summer, South Africa will host a gigantic soccer (football) tournament. Right now, South Africa is more focused on their long-standing tradition of racial tension, as a well-known White Supremacist got a fatal beatdown this weekend.

6. china mine 
This may seem like news to you, as 115 workers were rescued from a flooded mine in China this weekend (38 still remain in the mine), but apparently this is pretty routine in China.

7. butler 
Well, Dasean Butler blew out his knee in West Virginia's loss to Duke, but the Butler Bulldogs, with their 12 year-old star and 17 year-old coach, are hoping for better results against America's favorite team.

8. jobs growth 
Whoa, whoa, whoa. All you unemployed people, the White House says don't cancel those unemployment checks just yet.

9. unvarnished 
The second hottest new website out there (or in the works) is described as Yelp! for individuals. That's right, an internet defamation forum.

10. opening day 
Spring is in the air. Snow showers are still in the forecast. That can only mean one thing. Baseball is back!

1. anthony kim 
Of course, the HUGE news in golf this week is that Anthony Kim won the Houston Open this weekend.
2. george karl life partner 
George Karl is having a tough year as he announced he will be undergoing cancer treatment which will force him to miss the start of the NBA Playoffs. Fortunately, his wife, no, wait, his female "life partner" was able to break this news for us.
3. justice stevens 
One of the men making the most important court decisions for our nation is 89 years old. Don't worry, it sounds like he's buying a place in Del Boca Vista when he turns 92 or so.
4. andrew bogut 
If you are in to graphic sports injuries (or maybe you just really don't like Australian basketball stars), which, strangely enough, many people are (and don't), then this article might be for you.


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