April 3-4, 2010 - Basketball and Jesus (and a Huge Rabbit)

1. final four
Butler would seem to have a distinct homecourt advantage playing in their hometown, but you know most of the country will be cheering for America's Team: Duke.

2. jesus
Oh wow, I am pretty sure Jesus will not be happy he is taking second billing behind what I'm sure he thinks is a rather uninteresting set of Final Four games. Nevertheless, Americans will celebrate their religious freedom (or Jesus' resurrection from the dead) this weekend by searching for eggs hidden by a gigantic rabbit.

3. matt james notre dame
Notre Dame football finally back in the spotlight. Like the program in recent years, this is actually quite a sad story.

4. erykah badu
Erykah Badu, better known to the band Outkast as Ms. Jackson's daughter, has totally nailed the concept of "no press is bad press."

5. adam carolla
Taking a cue from his automobile namesake, Carolla has neglected the braking feature on his mouth. Apparently, the word "acerbic" is being thrown around quite a bit next to Adam Carolla's name these days.

6. the status update that got a student expelled from school!
I don't want to ruin this story for you, but you really have to be careful when you decide to publicly post death threats and sign your name to them these days.

7. erin andrews
Like Puffy Woods, so prophetically, once said, mo' money, mo' problems. Despite being wildly successful at a relatively young age, incredibly attractive and seemingly a pretty nice person, Erin Andrews can't seem to catch a break these days. Maybe a Dancing With The Stars victory will balance things out for her.

8. shoaib malik
Believe it or not, this guy is involved in 3 of the top 10 hottest topics in Google right now. He's a cricket player from Pakistan who is apparently married to, going to marry, or has been married to at least 25 different Indian women. I believe Indians and Pakistanis typically don't get along so well, so maybe that is what some of the hype is about?

9. john forsythe
John Forsythe died on Thursday. Apparently, people are just finding out now. He was really old, but apparently, "his silvery hair and smooth voice were familiar to millions" and that's good enough reason for me to mourn his death.

10. miami medical
Apparently, this is going to be the hottest new show on TV. It debuted last night to some stellar reviews. Maybe it will take us back to the glory days of medical dramas and Chicago Hope.

1. kenyon martin popcorn
Note to self: do NOT mess with Kenyon Martin's ride!
2. tea party democrats
Apparently, the Tea Party is not just for crazy Republicans. Crazy Democrats are now signing up.
3. the pope
It sounds as if he has not been poping so well lately.

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