April 2, 2010 - It's Friday. That is Good.

1. ipad apps - What do you mean, you didn't get an iPad yet? I thought everyone was getting one as part of the health care reform???!?!?! 

2. good friday - Today is the celebration of Jesus' death. Although, in the days before he rose from the dead, I believe Christians originally referred to this as Really Bad Friday.

3. charlie sheen - Rumor is Sheen is backing out of his show 2 1/2 Men. I can only assume he wants to spend more time with his family and doing charity work. Or maybe he is jealous of all the fun Tiger Woods and Jesse James were having recently?

4. fabregas - People are still playing soccer. Supposedly this guy Cerc Fabregas is playing in the big games, and suffered a broken leg, and that magic injury spray they always use couldn't even fix it.

5. hans christian andersen - Out of all the things to celebrate today, Google has chosen to honor Hans Christian Andersen's 205th birthday. Needless to say, they are really on a roll after that hilarious Topeka thing yesterday.

6. hank johnson guam - Hank Johnson is a democratic congressman from Georgia. He is concerned about Guam. To be fair, Representative Johnson is worried about other, more important issues. I believe he is also concerned that the giant turtle holding up the flat earth is about to move.

7. gaza - Listen, there's a conflict going on over in Israel involving Palestine and the Gaza Strip. I would get you up to date on that whole controversy, but I don't have the 20 years necessary to do that right now. Anyways, it appears the conflict is ongoing.

8. commercial real estate - I guess it might be time to unload all that commercial real estate you are holding.

9. autism awareness day - You were probably aware that it was Good Friday, but were you aware of autism? Well, if not, then today is the day to, uh, be aware.

10. granite state of mind - "Song parodies are nothing new," or usually nothing good for that matter, yet people continue to make them and other people continue to make them viral hits!

1. rapelay - This game is sick! No, no, no, I mean, like gross! disgusting! troubling!
2. haiti Remember Haiti? Something about an earthquake...
3. shaun rogers - Second amendment anyone? What has this country come to when you can't bring a loaded weapon onto a plane? You'd think with all the steroids they use, all these NFL players wouldn't need so many guns, any ways.
4. jobs report - Gettin paid, gettin paid!

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