April 1, 2010 - F-F-F-F-FOOOLLLIINNN!

1. google topeka
Appparently Google is changing it's name. I like it.

Wait a second, I wonder if that first link has anything to do with today being April 1.
A lot of the world is really into soccer. Apparently, there is a big game and/or set of games coming up.
The entire state of Rhode Island is underwater.

5. rimm
The company that makes Blackberrys is announcing its earnings this morning...which could just be a setup for the world's meanest and/or most boring April Fool's joke.
Clash of the Titans...I guess it's a new movie. I think there are probably more hilarious options at the theater right now.

7. trenton
Here's a story that you really wish was a joke from a state that many consider a joke.
Basketball games are being played this weekend. I believe there are four teams left. The final four teams, you might say.

9. moscow
All hell is breaking loose in Russia...although, I always kinda thought that was par for the course over there.

10. census
They are serious about this census this year. You think this is a joke? Barack Obama shows you that it most certainly is not.

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