April 29, 2010 - My Big Fat Greek Debt Crisis

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The land of the gods, the smog and the gyros is now also the land of the spreading European financial crisis. The debt crisis in Greece has now officially spread to Spain and Portugal, where debt from those nations was downgraded yesterday as it is expected these countries will now have a much harder time borrowing money to repay their debt as a result of Greece's troubles. So, let's face it, if we were going to make a movie about this whole crisis, it would be a lot more like Greece 2 than the original Greece, and the Big Fat Greek Wedding would be called off due to lack of funds. 
Okay, so now that financial crises are spreading like a Greece grease fire across Europe, and it has been revealed that Goldman Sachs was raking in cash off by selling self-proclaimed "sh&%*y" deals to innocent bystanders, the Republicans are faced with little choice but to submit to the demands of the Democrats and agree to any plan that they put forward on financial regulation reform. No, no, wait, it appears all the Republicans had to do was end their filibuster and allow Senate to debate a potential financial reform bill. Ahhhh, U.S. politics, it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? 
ps. Our friends at Paper or Plastic have a great description of what the financial reform bill might actually be, or at least a vague idea of the 100-150 ways it could go at this point.
After weather delayed the US Coast Guard from engaging in one of the coolest things they have ever done in their job, (or in anyone's job, for that matter) yesterday, in a move that I'm sure is even better for the environment than a giant oil spill, they were finally able to set fire to the giant oil slick spreading towards the United States' gulf coast. The Coast Guard has continued to guarantee critics that this will be a controlled burn...and even if it's not, it should be one hell of a show.
It seems like just yesterday, or maybe just 10-15 years ago, that the Palm Pilot was the hottest new gadget on the block. Of course, this was still a time when no one who owned a cell phone could comfortably fit it in their pocket. Well, unfortunately for Palm, the cell phone business has continued to grow since then, and other, better competitors have entered the market and decimated Palm's market share. So, it may come as some minor consolation to all those who bought Palm stock in the early part of this decade that the company was bought yesterday by Hewlett Packard for $1.4 Billion. That may not make up for all that money that you lost...but, well, yeah, I guess there's not really a bright side here. Sorry.
Yesterday, a bunch of horses slated to run in this weekend's Kentucky Derby gathered to pick which positions they will start the race in. The hardest part about the draw? The horses don't really have fingers, just hooves, so the picking numbers out of a hat thing took a looooonnnggg time. Okay, that's not really how it works, but the owners/trainers did pick the positions yesterday, and the favorite, Lookin at Lucky is on the pole position. See our SITE INFO section for further, less-detailed analysis.

Don't be fooled by the fancy British accents and fancy British names. Gordon Brown and other British politicians really aren't all that much different from their American counterparts. They say one thing to your face, and a lot of different things behind your back as soon as they walk away. They also make a lot of dumb mistakes like forgetting to take off their microphone before making all those insulting remarks behind your back. It just doesn't seem nearly as bad when you add that accent, though...

According to wikipedia, Jesse James was "an American outlawgang leaderbank and train robber, and murderer," so it comes as no surprise that Sandra Bullock has decided to divorce him and raise her newly adopted son as a single mother. Wait a second, turns out that is a different Jesse James. The one Bullock was married to was even worse. He customizes motorcycles and cheated on her with a heavily-tattooed Nazi white supremacist woman. Either way, I think Sandra made the right decision.

The government yesterday approved of the Cape Wind Project in Nantucket Sound, Mass., which will begin a massive offshore wind energy project off the coast of Cape Cod. This, of course, means a lot of jobs will be created for Massachussets residents, and a lot of people who made all their money by not having jobs will be very upset that the views from their summer homes are now only 99.5% as pleasant as they used to be.

People magazine announced yesterday that Julia Roberts would grace the cover of their magazine for the upcoming Most Beautiful People issue. Which really makes you wonder, does People magazine get out much? Are they just recycling their old list from 1994? That being said, no offense to Julia Roberts, she's a very pretty woman, but the most beautiful in the world? My vote goes to Oprah.
Laura Bush beat her husband to the presses with her latest memoirs thanks mostly in part to W.'s lack of understanding of word processing programs, or computers, for that matter. While the memoirs contain a variety of anecdotes ranging from personal tragedy to personal triumph, the part of the book that everyone is talking about is how the former first lady claims that someone tried to poison George W. on a trip to Germany in 2007. Fortunately, the poison was placed in Bush's vegetables and we all know how GW hated his veggies!

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God has made Tim Tebow's rookie jersey the #1-selling rookie jersey of all time...or at least that's what Tebow would have you think. Let's just hope he isn't traded any time soon.

2. laser creates star on earth
Scientists are set to create a star on earth using a giant laser. When asked to explain the motives for their actions, the scientists explained that they thought stars were pretty.

3. bret michaels tour
I know this might seem a bit premature, what with Bret Michaels still being in critical condition and unable to speak well and all, but it seems he is already planning his comeback tour. Several 45 year-old single women have already marked their calendars.


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