April 22, 2010 - The World Wide Facebook

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Mid-Day Update: With the NFL Draft fast-approaching, the Steelers are still trying to unload motorcycle safety expert Ben Roethlisberger, Obama says Washington and Wall Street both messed up (really?), Blago wants to subpoena Obama (that's what she said), the burning oil rig has sunk into the Gulf of Mexico, the NCAA tournament is expanding to 320 teams...no wait, just 68 teams, and lastly, of course, 10 years ago, today, Elian Gonzalez captured the hearts of the nation, before they forgot about him about a week later.

Just when you think Google is getting ready to take over internet, and consequently the world, they go and get China all upset, then introduce Buzz and Wave and a bunch of other things that people don't care all that much about (just yet.) So, that left a slight opening for potential world domination, and while Twitter chose to sell out and try to make money, Facebook, lead by teen prodigy Mark Zuckerberg jumped at the opportunity to take over the world. So now, there will basically be a Facebook "Like" button somewhere on every single page on the internet...and if you don't see one on every page, don't worry, it's still there...watching you.
In the NFL, you can go to jail for 2 years for dogfighting, get out, and sign a multi-million dollar deal. You can stomp on a guy's eye with cleats on, and then sign a $100-million contract as a free agent. I could go on and on, but the point here is that Ben Roethlisberger clearly has some issues which need to be addressed, but the 6-game suspension for being accused of (not charged with) sexual assault seems a little stiff. Maybe the NFL is trying to start a new era...or maybe Commissioner Goodell hit the 6-game suspension button on Roethlisberger's Facebook page instead of the $6,000 fine button. Either way, the NFL is FAN-TASTIC!
I imagine that working on an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, much like working on an Alaskan crab-fishing boat, or a West Virginia coal mine, or near the top of an Icelandic volcano, carries a certain inherent amount of professional risk. Still, even though you know it's always a possibility, it's no fun when your oil rig explodes...
Has South Park finally gone too far? That's the question being asked this week after their recent depiction of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Of course, the question is mainly being asked by a radical Islamic website, and they generally don't believe in most human rights from waht I have heard, so I guess it's all relative. Of course, it should be noted for all radical Islamic websurfers out there that I have no problem with anything related to the Islamic religion, or the Prophet Muhammad.

The NFL Draft is going prime time! No, Deion Sanders is not making a comeback. For the first time ever, the annual event, which is usually held on a Saturday afternoon, will begin tonight at 7:30pm. Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford is expected to be sentenced to selected by St. Louis with the #1 overall pick. You can watch that and all the rest of the drama unfold as a bunch of young college kids instantly make enough money to buy steroids for a whole lifetime their mom a house.

The saga continues in China, as the government has ordered Tibetan monks away from the rescue efforts in the quake zone in Western China. This continues the ongoing human rights battle being fought between China and Tibet. Although, China claims that has nothing to do with it, but that no one can effectively perform earthquake rescue work in robes.
Users around the world were effected by a flaw in a McAfee update on Wednesday, as the update caused the McAfee program to continually remind users to renew their services. No, wait, apparently that is just a normal part of the McAfee program. This update just caused Windows XP to stop working, which, if you ask that Mac guy, isn't really all that hard to do.
You might be surprised to hear that Wall Street usually sides with the Democrats when election time rolls around, but it's true. You might also be surprised to hear that Wall Street is not too happy about the Dems now trying to prevent them from making money through, uh, let's just say, suspect methods and investment vehicles. What won't surprise you is that those two facts may be enough to get Republicans to start supporting the reform efforts on Wall Street.

After a 6-day flight ban, flights are finally resuming in the UK. Which means, all you passengers stuck in foggy, expensive, old London town for the past week can now get out of there…assuming you don't mind waiting at the airport for a few more days for a flight to open up, and the Eyjafjallajokull doesn't go nuts in the mean time.

Growing up, everyone always told you not to look directly at the sun, (though a lot of you probably did it anyways.) So, I really don't know what to tell you about this link, which is the first set of pictures from NASA's solar observatory. It really makes you wonder if we should keep funding NASA if they are just gonna mess with our heads like this.

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The Geico lizard has gotten himself fired after engaging in a public battle with the Tea Party. Wait, good news: it turns out it was just the Geico voiceover guy. The lizard and the cavemen still have jobs.

2. expensive foods
Like most of us, you probably have a lot of money to blow and not a lot of ideas of where to spend it all. Let me help.

3. college baseball leaping player
College baseball uses aluminum bats, making the typical score of a game around 19-18. So, that makes this new viral video of a college baseball player scoring without belting an aluminum-aided home run all the more impressive.

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