April 19, 2010 - Iceland's Smoking Problem

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Really, this story reminds me of an anti-smoking campaign. A few days ago, Iceland started smoking. It has had a very negative effect on everyone around them, but they just can't quit, and they keep smoking. Then they started dropping ash on everyone. They ignored the flight attendants warnings that you can't smoke on airplanes, so thousands of flights have been delayed since Iceland started smoking.  Anyways, if they are even half as impatient as America travelers, I am sure there are a lot of people in Europe that will come away from this weekend hating volcanoes.
Okay, so we all knew KG was a little intense. We even knew he was maybe just a little bit crazy, but I don't think a lot of people have singled Kevin Garnett out as a particularly dirty player over his career. However, now he has Quentin Richardson, Joakim Noah, and the NBA's disciplinary office all making the accusation at the same time. Like they say, the NBA playoffs don't start until things start getting a little heated.
I think Barack Obama can relate to Goldman Sachs a little bit. They have both been accused of being frauds by critics. The only difference: Mr. Obama's critics are fueled by emotion (or ignorance), while Goldman's critics appear to be fueled by facts. Well, as Goldman faces fraud charges from the SEC, President Obama faces his own tough battle ahead on reforming the regulation of our financial industry, as the GOP seems to have made it clear they will not agree with any plan formulated by Obama unless it includes full repeal of the healthcare plan and impeachment of Obama himself.
Spirit Airlines got a clear signal from its major airline competition yesterday as American, Delta, United, JetBlue, and US Airways promised that they would not be charging for carry-on baggage as Spirit Airlines announced it would. The five airlines then issued a thank you note to Spirit for taking the heat for a plan that I am sure they all originally intended to introduce within the next month or so. Also, just so you know, they will be tacking the lost revenue from the carry-on fee directly onto your ticket, and you will no longer receive meals in-flight.
While most of the press leading up to this weekend's box office releases went to the regular-people-become-superheros movie Kick-Ass, an instructional film about, I guess, uh, training dragons, called How To Train Your Dragon edged them to become the weekend's top earning movie. If only the two movies had combined to make one super movie called Kick-Ass Dragon, I'm sure they would have shattered box office records.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates issued a memo to the White House in January warning them that they did not have an effective long-term plan in place for dealing with Iran and potential nuclear capabilities. The White House apparently responded that we will be so far in debt by that point, that Iran will be the least of our concerns.
Go ahead and type Tracy Morgan into Google and search news results. What you won't find is a singular interesting headline about Mr. Morgan. What you will find are several headlines ranging from interesting to bizarre. Apparently, the 30 Rock star aka Brian Fellows, is starring in a movie with Chris Rock and Danny Glover, owns a Michael Jackson original jewelled glove, won't watch Spiderman because Tobey Maguire owes him money, and claims he knows that Elin Woods knew Tiger was cheating on her. Other than that, I don't have anything new to report on Tracy Morgan.
In case you missed last night's American Country Music awards, they were held last night, and handed out awards to some of Country's most popular current artists. I'm sure Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks and uh, Dolly Parton were all there, but I can't tell you much more than that. The best news out of the Awards: it meant a lot of Tea Party activists stayed in last night to watch instead of holding another one of those repetitive protests.

It appears that 4 out of 5 people mistrust the government, which may sound high, but it's really probably not that far from average. However, a full 10 out of 10 said they mistrust any poll about mistrust, making this poll somewhat irrelevant.
Even more breaking news here: the New York Times reports that exercise cannot only help you become healthier and get in better shape, but it may also help you lose weight. It wasn't reported in the article, but it is believed that eating better, taking care of yourself, and good hygiene also appear to play important roles in health. Conspiracy theorists say this is just the government's way of distracting us from their deceitful actions.

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1. new york doorman strike
New Yorkers are dreading a possible doorman strike for the first time in 20 years, as many have not opened the door to their building in 20 years and fear they may have forgotten how to do it.

2. texas comeback
Everything is bigger in Texas! Except for the Recession, apparently. I guess the cowboy business, and whatever else they may do in Texas is recession-proof.

3. microsoft sexting
Microsoft has deleted a portion of a commercial for its new Kin phone, believing it promoted "sexting." It appears it was too little, too late, however, as millions of middle schoolers immediately rushed out to buy the phone.

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