April 10-11, 2010 - Eyes on the Tiger!

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In a life in the spotlight, some might say the spotlight has never shone brighter on a certain person named after a predatory cat than it will this weekend. Will Tiger's focus be even more intense now that he doesn't have so many other things on his mind? If women really do weaken legs, then I have to imagine the rest of the golf world is reaaaaaalllly in trouble now.

2. polish president
It would have taken something pretty big to knock the Tiger out of the #1 slot this weekend, and it almost happened...Not a good week for Eastern Europe. First, the government of Kyrgyzstan is overthrown, and now it appears the president of Poland and several other high-ranking officials from the country have died in a plane crash. As with most plane crashes, I have nothing humorous to add at this time.

As you probably heard yesterday, the oldest member of the United States Supreme Court has announced his retirement. I'm not sure Justice Stevens realizes just how tough the job market is out there...especially for 89 year-olds.

On a very related note...and no, this has nothing to do with a rematch of Clark Kellogg and Barack Obama (Sorry, Clark!) Now that the honorable Justice John Paul Stevens has moved on to greener pastures, Mr. Obama faces the tough task of finding a replacement that Republicans will hate, but not hate enough to do everything in their power to delay the approval process until 2057.

Is not only still alive (news to me), but is planning on getting married again! Call me a hopeless romantic, but I've always said the 9th time is a charm!

This is a really cute story. So cute, that I will leave this story with just one simple quote from one simple lady:
"I knew that we'd be buddies when I met her when she said, 'Drill here, drill now,'" Palin said. "And then I replied, 'Drill baby drill,' and then we both said, 'You betcha!'"
Yes, these two are the current stars of the GOP. The future is bright on the right, indeed.

Following that sad story, we bring you an even sadder story. It turns out, as many had already feared, those four miners still trapped in West Virginia did not survive...and the world's long wait for a heartwarming coal mining story continues...

Uh oh, just when you think Russia and the United States are starting to get along, hanging out and signing nuclear treaties...a story like this comes out. Apparently, a US family adopted a boy from Russia, and are now claiming the unit they purchased the boy they adopted was too violent. It's a story only cold war enthusiasts could love.

Here's a disturbing sexual abuse story that finally involves someone else other than the Catholic church: apparently, claims are being made that sexual abuse has been pervasive among the US swimming program. The Pope was unavailable for comment.

There are still a bunch of protesters in Thailand hanging out demanding that the government change the country's official favorite color to red. No, wait, apparently they just want to dissolve the government. That makes a little more sense.

Drop that FRESH knowledge!
(These topics are getting hot...)
1. teachers union governor NJ
The teachers union in New Jersey's favorite subject: Thinly Veiled Death Threats, and their Negative Consequences.
2. sex and the city 2
Apparently, the trailer is out. This is the one where the "girls" finally hit menopause. Too far? (Not me, the writers of the movie.)
3. large hadron collider
Sometimes a story is so scientifically advanced and over my head, that I don't care can't tell if it's a joke or not.
4. startled elephant kills worker
Rule #1 for circus employees: Never startle elephants
Rule #2?: Stay away from the clowns.


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