November 15, 2011 Headlines

Sandusky calls incidents in shower 'horseplay'
Unfortunately for all involved, it doesn't really matter what it's called, although I am sure horses are a bit insulted.

What's behind Gingrich's ascent?
I don't know for sure, but he looks like he's been inflated with helium.

American girl, 12, builds 27 homes in Haiti
I picture a bunch of Haitians standing around saying to each other, "No, you can have this one the little girl built. No, you take it, really."

150 Are Arrested as ‘Occupy’ Birthplace Is Cleared
Protesters begin less enthusiastic Occupy Jail movement.

Tipsheet: NBA labor war needless, harmful
A war over money between two groups of millionaires really does give wars a bad name.

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