September 2, 2011 - A Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Yes, Jon Stewart existed prior to the Daily Show. Here is your evidence. I have to point out several things you will notice less than 1 minute into this video:
- Yes, Jon Stewart is wearing a leather jacket. At some point in history, it was cool to just casually wear a leather jacket, no matter what the setting or temperature. I hope we never see those days again.
- Jon Stewart looks about 30 years younger, which is strange because he really doesn't look THAT old these days, and this video was only about 17 years ago. Talking about Presidents will really age you as fast as being a President?
- Conan O'Brien looks exactly the same. Apparently, feuding with Jay Leno will not age you at all. In fact, it may halt the aging process?
- Conan O'Brien is a good 2 feet taller than Jon Stewart, meaning that not only is he freakishly tall, but Stewart is freakishly short. The combination is both frightening and hilarious.

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