April 1, 2011 - No Joke: More Fools Now Employed

unemployment at 2 year low
Of course if you're an unemployed pessimist, this just means that there are now less jobs available for you. Maybe they'll extend your unemployment benefits indefinitely at some point, though...

nasdaq to take over the nyse? - This would totally freak me out, because I have no idea how it would have any effect on my life....and it probably wouldn't, so I have no idea what to think!
rebels offer gaddafi a ceasefire - Gaddafi will probably accept, and then start shooting at the rebels as he simultaneously denies shooting at the rebels.
google +1 - I feel like at some point Google and Facebook will buy all the oil in the world, and not let anyone have any unless they search for it on Google and then like it on Facebook. That should complete the world domination.
april fools - Be skeptical of everything you see and hear today...that's right, EVERYTHING, including that last sentence.
snow removal april fools
The key to a great April Fool's joke? Don't anger people with something that sounds all too real...
prince william's hairline fading - Good thing he locked that little princess down when he did...someone get the guy a bottle of Rogaine, stat!
tennis player hits ball at baby - I guess there were no puppies running by for him to kick at the time.
nike cheech and chong shoes - Shoes for people who prefer to walk around in flip flops or shoeless most of the time...who came up with this brilliant marketing plan?
the rock talks about snooki - The Rock says that Snooki is a no-good piece of Jersey trash....and Snooki says, yeah, that's kinda my thing.

jon gosselin
Everyone's favorite TV father of sextuplets gives Kevin Federline a run for his money as the least popular father figure in modern America. Personally, I think it's the little earring that everyone dislikes so much.


  1. Where is that guy now? Jon Gosselin I mean. I haven't heard anything of him lately.

  2. Ugh. Jon Gosselin. Can't say I'm too upset that he and his lovely ex aren't all over the news anymore. Let's hope having him here doesn't restart a trend!

  3. I love the water unemployment photo.. Predictions of things to come? :-)


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