February 19-20, 2011 - fresh weekend HEADLINES knowledge

Ever see a headline and think to yourself, "Who could have possibly written that crazy headline and what does it mean?" Well, while it is up for debate whether this is an intentional and/or effective marketing strategy or not, it seems that a lot of news sites end up with some crazy headlines that leave you wanting to read the article just to find out what the hell is going on. Of course, no one has time to read every article out there, so, here are a few such headlines, and our brief prediction for what the headlines mean.
Diver apparently killed by sharks
The sharks have denied all allegations and wrongdoing, however.
Ticker: Don't run, Coulter tells Palin
I don't care who you are or what Ann Coulter tells you, when you see that crazy broad, you run. I'm pretty sure she is pure evil.
Black Thanksgiving' this weekend
So if the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, then what do we call the day after Black Thanksgiving?
Confusing medication labels baffle many
Unless you're a doctor, I would imagine even the least confusing medication labels baffle you.
'Full flex pose' statue of Schwarzenegger in works
Not to be outdone by that Robocop statue in Detroit…but definitely a good call to go for the "Full Flex" rather than the "Half Flex" the "Bowflex" or the "Governor Flex."
Doctors remove knife from man's head after 4 years
I know that waiting room times are supposed to be pretty high these days, but this seems a little ridiculous to me.
Doctor says 35 killed in east Libya amid unrest
Then he says "Trust me, I'm a doctor."
Egyptians pack Cairo square to celebrate Mubarak's fall
I hope they don't mention his winter, because that has not been nearly as successful as his fall apparently was.
Ethnic Differences Emerge in Plastic Surgery
I'll let your stereotyping mind run wild as to what those differences might be…
3 Young Children Die in Fire at Georgia Meth Lab
As always, the lesson to be learned here: keep your young children at home when you go to the meth lab.

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