January 3, 2011 - Black Day for Black Birds

birds falling from sky
Really Short Story: Blackbirds flying, then dead at night!
Short Story: What does it mean when approximately 5,000 birds fall from the sky right before midnight on New Year's Eve? I guess if you're a cynic, you could say it's all one big bad omen for the coming year. Of course, that still doesn't really explain how or why 5,000 birds fell from the sky at the same time in a 1-mile area in Arkansas. Maybe the birds realized that they were flying into Arkansas and couldn't live with the thought of staying in that state for an entire winter. Whatever it is, I guess these blackbirds finally found out why they call it the dead of night.
mel gibson
January 3, 2011: mel gibson Day! - From Hollywood's Sexiest Man to Hollywood's Most Racist Man?
WHY?: A lot of people think that Mel Gibson is Australian, but he was actually born in New York and didn't move to Australia until he was 12 years old. His first name is not Melvin, but just Mel. He rose to fame primarily through his role in the movie Lethal Weapon in 1985, the same year he was named People's Sexiest Man Alive, and probably hit his peak around the time he starred in Braveheart, which would win an Academy Award for best film, and gain Gibson a Best Director Oscar. Of course, after that the rest of the world began to find out that Gibson was even more racist and bigoted than he was talented. It started with the mildly anti-Jew (yet successful) film Passion of the Christ, and followed with various rants against the Jewish community in Hollywood which have become infamous. He has also been accused disparaging various other races and lifestyles, and was later accused of some serious allegations of domestic abuse. Other than that, though, I guess he's probably an alright guy.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
michael stipe - The lead singer of R.E.M. and one of the baldest men in the world.
don shula - Famous NFL head coach of those jerks who always keep celebrating their undefeated season from over 30 years ago.
doris kearns goodwin - Some chick that writes a lot about history. That's as much as I can tell you.
joepa's coming back
Who cares if Brett Favre is leaving football when JoePa is coming back for his 80th season?
david arquette enters rehab
It's not clear if he was addicted to Courtney Cox or if he thinks he can rehab his movie career.
college banishes words
Lake Superior State is an appropriate name for a school that feels they are superior to the rest of us who use the English language.
chile earthquake
Chile's must be getting tired of starting the year with earthquakes followed by tsunamis...
american airlines dropped from expedia
Which is exactly what they wanted…or so they would have you believe!

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  1. Stop the presses! How can you talk about Mel Gibson without mentioning 'Mad Max'? That's when his rise to fame really began. I must admit, though, I loved the 'Letal Weapon' series the most. Dang, it's too bad he ended up being such a psycho. Not looking very sexy now.


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