January 24, 2011 - Big Ben to Meet Mr. Rodgers

super bowl matchup set
Really Short Story: Anything that keeps Ben Roethlisberger off the streets for a couple more weeks is probably a good thing.
Short Story: Well, if you were looking forward to a certain team of questionable moral character lead by a certain coach with a wife with an unusual taste for a different kind of "foot" ball making it to the Super Bowl in Dallas this year, I have to imagine you are quite disappointed. I would consider Ben Roethlisberger a pretty nice consolation prize, though. Roethlisberger, the no-helmet motorcycle-riding alleged bathroom sexual assaulter, lead his Steelers back to the Super Bowl for his third trip, hoping to add to his and the franchise's storied legacy. Of course, they will have to overcome Aaron Rodgers, the man who replaced Brett Favre in Green Bay, and when I say that, I mean that in the football sense only. No one can truly replace Favre's Wrangler-wearing sexting ways.
john belushi
January 21, 2011: john belushi Day! - Maybe it's better that he didn't live to see what has become of Saturday Night Live.
WHY?: If you're sitting at your computer wondering if we meant to put Jim Belushi and have no idea who John Belushi is, I guess I can kind of forgive you, since it has now been almost 30 years since the elder Belushi died of a drug overdose. Of course, that doesn't forgive the fact that you have never seen Animal House, The Blues Brothers, or any clip of Saturday Night Live from prior to 1980, and I should have you know that any true fan of comedy would have at least seen one of these. Belushi should also be given some recognition for leading a wave of celebrity drug-related problems during the 1980's and maybe giving people some indication that doing a lot of cocaine might not be as good for you as first believed.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
alicia keys - Incredible talent that can't seem to release anything close to incredible.
steve prefontaine - The man who made distance running almost as popular as billiards for a year or two.
chris chelios - Arguably the most famous American hockey player of all time, which is kind of like being the best baseball player in British history.
90 pregnant teens at one high school
I bet you can guess what their favorite MTV show is, too. That's right…Jersey Shore.
keith olbermann out at msnbc
I guess if people now want acerbic political commentary, their only option is now Fox News.
the woman who fell into mall fountain
Turns out that not only is she an idiot, but she's a criminal idiot as well.
jesus hates obama?
In this day and age, getting your Super Bowl commercial rejected might be the cheaper way to get even more attention.
walmart vs. the civil war
It's not that Walmart doesn't care about history, but, well, yeah, I guess that's probably it.

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