December 10, 2010 - China Puts the No in Nobel

chinese nobel peace prize
Really Short Story: China ain't at peace with this year's Nobel Peace Prize winners.
Short Story: I don't know about you, but unlike previous years, as I planned this year's Nobel Peace Prize party, I just knew ceremony was going to be just a little bit different. Sure, last year, we saw Barack Obama win an award much to the dismay of his critics, but the backlash for Obama was nothing compared to the backlash that Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo is facing this year. Xiaobo is currently jailed in China, as he is about to be recognized for his attempts to bring human rights to the country. Of course, as you can imagine, the Chinese government is none too happy about this, and they will be boycotting the ceremony which will mark just the second time in history that a recipient, or a representative from the recipient's family will not be present to accept the award.
rod blagojevich
December 10, 2010: rod blagojevich Day! - The man who redefined the corrupt a good way.
WHY?: Of all the controversial politicians in the world, perhaps none has entertained us with the unintentional comedic stylings of one Milorad "Rod" Blagojevich. The former Illinois governor is, of course, well-known for trying to use his ability to appoint someone to President Obama's vacated Senate seat as leverage to gain either political power or just straight-up cash. Unfortunately for Blago, several phone calls where he calls the empty Senate seat a "valuable f*^&in thing" were taped by the FBI, leading to his arrest and eventual impeachment from the office. Of course, at the time of his removal, Blago was already known as the least effective governor in the country, and had historically low approval ratings. Still, there's something extremely hilarious about this dude that I can't quite put my finger on.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
taylor swift - Best known for controversially winning an award over a more deserving Beyonce.
steve buscemi - Effectively putting to bed the old myth that one needs to be attractive to succeed in this world.
ted nugent - Former country singer turned lunatic conservative gun nut.

12/13/10 POTD POLL!
fast food prank
Fast food pranks never end up positively…especially if they involve steaming hot spinach and someone's face.
oprah not lesbian
Sorry ladies, not only is Oprah not a lesbian, but if you ask her if she is, she just might cry.
dancing boy on today show
Fat kids + live television = guaranteed hijinks!
navratoliva's failed mountain climb
Martina Navratilova is good at tennis and being a lesbian. She apparently is not as good of a mountain climber.
deadly burger king fight
I told you, fights in fast food establishments never end well! Stop testing this theory!

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