October 22, 2010 - The Controversial Juan at NPR

npr fires juan williams
Short Story: Juan Williams walks the fine line between simple political incorrectness and xenophobia.
Long Story: I know what you're thinking. What has this world come to when a hip, ultra-progressive news outlet like National Public Radio starts freaking out about one of their contributors saying that he's scared of all Muslim people that like to travel. I mean, Juan Williams clearly isn't a bigot, his name is Juan! How would that even be possible? Has political correctness finally gone to far? Well, let's see. I mean, Juan has relatively dark skin, which probably means that he's good at basketball, which isn't relevant, but I suppose it's at least slightly more positive than thinking that a random Muslim person that you don't know is going to blow you up simply based on how they look.
Christopher Lloyd
October 22, 2010: Christopher Lloyd Day! -GREAT SCOTT!
WHY?: Well, here's an interesting fact about this guy. Apparently he has played various other roles during his acting career other than Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Let's be honest, though, no one really cares about his role as Uncle Fester in the Addams Family movies, or as Jim Ignatowski on Taxi. Everyone just wants to know where he got the inspiration to invent the flux capacitor, and thus, make time travel possible for his good friend Marty McFly. The one question that no one bothers to ask, though, is what was this eccentric crackpot inventor doing spending so much time with that baby-faced high school boy anyway? Also, is it weird that he hasn't seemed to age since the original Back to the Future 25 years ago? Although, I guess it's less weird since he already looked like he could have been 72 years old back then.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Katy Perry - The hottest, uh, name, in music right now?
Bobby Knight - Coach Knight's going to be pissed if he doesn't win this one.
Pedro Martinez - Had jheri curls, beat up an old man, partied with a midget, pitched like a Hall of Famer.

10/25 POTD Poll!
football brawl in stands
I mean, this is almost a relief to see them take things off the field, considering how big a problem head injuries are becoming.
shaq acts as statue
Oh, Shaq, I almost forgot for a minute that you kind of suck at basketball these days!
subs customer tackles robber
You don't mess with a man's favorite fast food restaurant. He'll defend it to the death…literally.
sasha vujacic maria sharapova engaged
Don't know who Sasha Vujacic is? Just know that he has a much better life than you.
gary amber teen mom drama
See kids, being a teen mom isn't cool! You might end up being fat, annoying, and in trouble like Gary and Amber always are.

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