August 10, 2010 - Pent-Up Pentagon Budget!

pentagon budget cuts
Sure, it sounds like common sense on the face. Secretary of Defense wants to make drastic cuts to the budget of the Pentagon, mainly by cutting unnecessary bureaucracies and headquarters in order to continue funding the massive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But here's the real question that I have: if all this stuff is unnecessary, why do we have it to begin with? Okay, okay, I'll keep quiet, anything we can do to keep fighting wars is cool by me.
naomi campbell war crimes trial
I don't know about you, but I keep seeing these random headlines about (legally?) insane (former?) supermodel Naomi Campbell testifying in a war crimes trial. However, I never felt the need to click…until Mia Farrow somehow got involved. It turns out that Campbell testified that she had some "blood diamonds," but was not sure they were from the man accused of the war crimes...but Farrow claims Campbell later bragged that they were in fact from the alleged war criminal. So, basically, these old celebrity broads will probably be throwing down sometime soon.
ilya kovalchuk contract rejected
Poor Ilya Kovalchuk. The 27 year-old Russian hockey superstar seemed to be living the American dream when he recently signed a contract under which he would be paid $102 million dollars to play hockey until he was 44 in New Jersey. Now, a couple years ago, living in New Jersey would not have been very appealing, but it is believed that Kovalchuk is a huge fan of The Situation...either that or he loves being paid $102 million.
moscow death rates double
Not sure if you were planning a trip to Moscow any time soon, but if by some chance you were, now might be a good time to re-route. Normally a gray, frigid wonderland, intense heat leading to rampant wildfires have turned the Russian capital into a gray, smoke-filled, heated deathtrap where people are dying at twice the normal rate. Now, I guess if that still sounds like fun to you, then, the good news is that you can probably find a cheap hotel room right about now.
chinese landslides
Meanwhile, Russia's neighbors to the South in China are experiencing yet another in a seemingly endless string of natural disasters effecting the country. This time, a landslide in the Gansu province has left nearly 1,000 people missing, with 337 confirmed dead. However, taking a cue from BP, China has argued that, relatively speaking, it's just a minor dent in their massive population.

lady gaga best quotes
Oh, you thought Lady Gaga was all catchy pop tunes and bizarre costumery? Well, I guess that's mostly what she is, as these silly quotes don't add much to her repertoire.
turkish wedding shooting accident
I guess this is the chance you take when you celebrate something with an automatic weapon that you are not familiar with.
jet-powered school bus
This is why we have global warming…not because you didn't buy a hybrid.

racially charged campaign
Could this be the final nail in the coffin for Ieshuh Griffin's campaign, or would her "history of incoherent feuds with local authorities" been too much to overcome anyways?
angry flight attendant takes off
Call me crazy, but I wish they could stage something like this on every flight…sure beats the in-flight entertainment these days.

Having trouble putting your kids to sleep at night? Well, this "children's" book on facts about the Pentagon should do the trick.


  1. Is it just me Konway that thinks Mia Farrow and Naomi Campbell should have a MMA style chick fight? Or maybe a wrestling match with a midget referee that may be far more entertaining, lol, I think I may of had to much caffeine today.

  2. It is certainly not just you...even though we both know that Naomi Campbell would absolutely destroy Mia Farrow.


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