June 7, 2010 - The Jersey Jihad!

jihadists arrested on airplane
A pair of US citizens were arrested at JFK aiport in New York yesterday on terrorism charges, even though they had no intentions of doing anything to the plane they were boarding. Apparently, the young men from New Jersey were headed to Somalia to join in plans of violent jihad and terror plots against American troops abroad. Just when those Jersey Shore kids give the state a good name, guys like this go and mess it all up.
oil spill progress
Well, here's the good news: it appears BP is finally making progress in their attempt to contain the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Here's the bad news: the new development is not a time machine that would allow BP to go back in time and prevent the whole thing, so it's still a massive environmental catastrophe that should be ongoing for at least the next 4 months.
ohio tornado
A tornado tore through Ohio over the weekend, leaving the state looking like, well, it had just been hit by a tornado. Seven people are dead, massive property damage has been incurred, and it now looks even less likely that Lebron James will stay in Cleveland. Of course, that last point is unrelated, and relative to the other news, really not quite as significant, but Lebron-Mania requires its mention.
john wooden death
The man known as the Wizard of Westwood, who coached the unmatched dynasty that was UCLA basketball of the 1960's and 1970's, with players such as Lew "Kareem" Alcindor and Bill Walton, has died. John Wooden was a tough guy, considering that he endured regular phone conversations with Bill Walton.
rafael nadal french open
Even as the sports world mourns the loss of a legend, the show must go on. So, Rafa Nadal captured the Nadal Open…nope, sorry, the French Open, the Celtics and Lakers head to Boston evened up at 1 game apiece, and the Chicago Blackhawks stand one game away from their first Stanley Cup title in almost 50 years. Hopefully we'll have better Lebron, Tiger or Big Ben news to report this week...

porn actor standoff
The double entendres could run wild here, but it's really just a story about a porn actor accused of murder falling from a mountain cliff to his death during a standoff with police. Wow, that was a mouthful, let's move on...
decision to have children
The point of this article is that maybe people should think more before deciding to have children. Of course, if people thought as carefully about bringing children into this world as they do about who to vote for on American Idol, the world's population would decrease rapidly.
new further leaning tower
The UAE continues their assault on the title of the world's wackiest place by building a building that intentionally leans at an angle of 18 degrees to go along with their man-made islands and gigantic debt loads.
andre johnson self-representation
Andre Johnson may be the best wide receiver in the NFL right now, but his decision to represent himself at the beginning of his career could cost him up to $20 million in career earnings, which sounds like a lot, but is really just a weekend in Vegas for someone like former NBA star Antoine Walker.
idaho lawnmower repossession
Some guy in Idaho used a gun to repossess a riding lawnmower by tricking the lady in possession, and then riding away on the lawnmower. The only problem: it was the wrong lawnmower...oh, and this was a totally ridiculous plan.
Need someone to combat terrorism and jihad? Look no further than the Governator himself. While many hope that they overturn laws preventing him from running for President, others hope his political career comes to an end soon, so he can get back to making high quality cinematic thrillers!

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