June 5-6, 2010 - fResh wEekend kNowledge

topless transgender beach
Technically, it's not illegal for transgender men to go topless with surgically-enhanced breasts at your local beach...it's just really really weird.
rapper protests news story
Apparently this rapper was upset that it was being publicized that his company won a single-bid job from the Chicago government. He says he bid for the job just like everyone else...well, if anyone else had actually bid for the job, of course.
california plastic bag rule
Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially terminated use of plastic bags in California retail operations. Unfortunately, he still can't do anything about silly references to his movie career in the headlines and news stories.
fired for being too hot
Call me crazy, but if antyhing, I assume this attractive young woman probably would have been fired several months prior had she not been so attractive.
chris rock distracts kobe
Oh wait, you can't distract Kobe Bryant, he's in the zone, or something. What'chu want, a cookie, Kobe?
most outrageous oil spill moments
This oil spill has had more than it's fair share of outrageous moments, so I must commend the writer of this article for trying to narrow down the list for us.
national spelling bee protests
What do these protesters want? A simplification of the English language and its words? Oh, wait, apparently, that is exactly what they want.
dirtiest place in the world
No, it's not your local Waffle House's bathroom, but it is a coal-mining town in China, which I am sure was your second guess.
world's most tattooed lady
This lady holds two records: world's most tattooed woman, and the most unecessarily-grossest-looking woman in the world.
miley on-stage girl kiss
Miley Cyrus attempted to mimic Britney Spears famous on-stage kiss with Madonna during a performance on Britain's Got Talent. If you missed it, I'm sure this won't be the last time Miley follows in Britney's footsteps.

Remember these guys, Ren and Stimpy? Noooo? Well, that's even more reason to purcahse the DVD and try to remember which one you prefer.

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