June 2, 2010 - An Inconvenient Wife

al tipper gore separate
Al Gore and his wife of 40, (yes, 40!) years are splitting up. Gore, the former vice president and quasi-semi-president-elect in 2000, reportedly said that he was just tired of having to call an adult woman "Tipper." Plus he wants to start spending more time with Bill Clinton, and we all know how Clinton feels about wives.
japanese prime minister resigns
Japan's prime minister Yukio Hatoyama is finally ending his decades-long...no, wait, make that months-long reign as head of the country. Apparently, the members of his party, the Japanese Democrats, thought he had proved to be an incompetent leader since being elected last August...and you thought Americans were impatient.
guatemala sinkhole
Guatemalans are freaking out after that huge tropical storm a couple days ago wreaked havoc all over their tiny country, killing 175 people...oh yeah, it also left a freakishly gigantic sinkhole in the middle of the country's capital. On the bright side, Guatemalans can now see the center of the earth.
oil spill criminal investigation
That oil spill thing is apparently still going on. Now the United States Attorney General said he is opening a criminal investigation in the matter. The question is who do you charge for not caring about possible environmental catastrophes while oil companies are raking in cash? Sarah Palin?
israel raid mistakes
So, I guess even Israel thinks that raid on the aid flotilla to Gaza yesterday that ended up with 9 activists' deaths was a mistake. The big question that still remains unanswered is what exactly is a flotilla anyways?

nude cleaning service
So this might sound like a good idea for a little bit...but so can robbing a bank. Trust me, neither one is worth it.
bros icing bros
Okay, the headline sounds really questionable, but trust me, when you read the article, the actual story is even more ridiculous than you are imagining.
woman sues google maps
Listen, if I could sue the internet for all the bad advice it's given me over the years, I'd be a rich man...or I'd be really poor from all those legal fees.
people love foreclosure
Apparently some people think that you can just stop paying the gigantic mortgage that you could never afford in the first place, and not only is there nothing wrong with that, but nothing will happen. Which is true, unless you count the lifetime supply of bad karma that comes along with it.
#1 pickup artist tips
Need help meeting chicks? Well, how about you stop reading this website, and go out into the world, where all those chicks are hanging out? When you fail, come on back here and continue reading.

Now that Al Gore is a swinging single, he can spend time on more important things...like, fixing that global warming thing...and meeting chicks.

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