May 27, 2010 - Farewell Our British Idol

american idol lee dewyze
It was a star-studded finale for this season's American Idol featuring performances from well-known artists like Alanis Morrissette, Christina Aguilera, the Bee Gees, and Joe Cocker. We saw a performance from the legendary Janet Jackson, the miraculous return of Bret Michaels, the return of former judge Paula Abdul and, of course, the final show of popular judge Simon Cowell. Oh, the actual American Idol contest? I'm not sure who won that.
top kill oil waiting
Well, Steven Seagal completed his swim one mile deep into the ocean to perform the "top kill" procedure on the BP oil spill. Okay, that's not how it really works, but BP did do something known as a "top kill" and now we have to wait 24 hours to find out what they will do next when this move fails...
new facebook privacy settings
With all the uproar recently from Facebook users complaining that they couldn't understand how to work the privacy settings on the social networking site, Facebook has promised to simplify their controls. Of course, for total privacy, we recommend not using Facebook...but then how will people know what you had for dinner last night and how it made you feel?
us world cup team
The world is heading to South Africa in about 2 weeks for a little soccer tournament known as the World Cup. The United States decided yesterday on the final roster that will make the trip for their eventual 18th place finish.
apple number 1 tech
After all these years, and all those iPods, iTunes, and iPads, Apple is finally the #1 technology company in the world in terms of market capitalization. Unfortunately, they will still be portrayed by that goofy little hipster in the Mac vs. PC commercials.
unusual physical confrontation
This video is a little confusing...until you realize that it takes place in San Francisco. Strangely, it all starts to make sense after that.
road stripe paint shortage
Get ready for chaos on the highways this summer. It appears there is a major shortage of paint used to make highway lines.
hell of year for hurricanes
Why should volcanoes, tornadoes, oil spills and earthquakes get all the glory? Jealous hurricane fans (referred to in this article as "experts") are warning that this could be a "hell of a year" for hurricanes.
carville oil outburst
James Carville went on a tirade complaining about the White House response to the gulf oil spill. Essentially, it was a Kanye-esque moment for Carville, where he was saying, "President Obama doesn't care about birds."
greek frog plague
As if dealing with Greek contagion wasn't bad enough, the Greeks had a highway shut down by frogs yesterday. That's right. Apparently, the frogs put up a bunch of misleading signs telling motorists that the highway would be closed...or something like that.

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