May 20, 2010 - Get Low! Euro!

Today's BIG news!
1. euro decline short selling ban
As the European markets face great uncertainty, and the Euro currency hit it's lowest point against the dollar since 2006, the German government stepped in to partially ban naked short selling. Unfortunately, naked short selling is just one of the many somewhat strange things that those crazy Euros do for fun.
2. thailand protester crackdown
In what is claimed to be a final crackdown, Thai troops stormed the main encampments of the anti-government protests in a bloody showdown. The people at this British newspaper have it covered in extensive detail, which is good, because Thailand doesn't get much coverage over here in the U.S. unless it is something involving Pad Thai.
3. financial reform vote
Surprisingly, there is no quick end in sight for the financial overhaul bill in the Senate. The Republicans pulled out all the stops to continue the debate on the bill. On the bright side, at least the current financial regulation system in place isn't getting any worse as we sit here waiting, is it? Okay, maybe it could be...
4. mexican president visit
Say what you will about Barack Obama, but that dude can throw one hell of a party. The Obamas hosted a state dinner for visiting Mexican President Calderon that included food by superchef Rick Bayless, a performance by Beyonce, comic George Lopez, world's richest man Carlos Slim, and, best of all, plenty of (hopefully booze-fueled) disparaging remarks about that Arizona immigration law.
5. north korea torpedoes south korea
Investigators have determined that North Korea was responsible for the sinking of a South Korean warship in March. In his defense, Kim Jong-il claims he was really into the board game Battleship! at the time of the attack.

Now drop that FRESH knowledge!
1. pakistan shuts down facebook
A Facebook group titled "Draw Muhammad Day" has lead the country of Pakistan to shut down access to the social networking site as a result of potential anger among Muslims in the nation. Of course, the original name of the group was "I will make an entire country shut down Facebook if 1,000 people join this group."
2. drunk driver hits cows
You've heard the Public Service Announcements: Don't Drink and Drive...on poorly lit country roads adjacent to fields full of large herds of cows.
3. deer attacks fat man
It's a video. Between that and the title, that is about all the explanation you need.
4. inside the park hr and triple play
This story is interesting for 2 reasons. One, a guy hit an inside the park home run and participated in a triple play in the same game, both quite rare feats on their own. Second, the guy's name was Angel Pagan, so originally when I saw this story, I thought it was talking about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's softball exploits.
5. axl rose lawsuit
Axl Rose is suing his former manager for 5 million dollars for essentially ruining his career. Is it just me or shouldn't Axl look for the guy that ruined his career 16 years ago?

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