May 11, 2010 - The Ragin' Kagan!

Today's BIG news!

1. elena kagan supreme court
Barack Obama has made his selection to fill retiring Justice Stevens' seat on the Supreme Court. Call me crazy, but Obama's nomination, Elena Kagan, appears to be all beauty and no brains.

2.tornadoes plains
A series of tornadoes hit the Plains last evening, leaving several dead. I really thought this kind of thing happened every day out there...maybe I've watched too much Wizard of Oz.

3. european debt relief
Speaking of good-looking ladies in position of power...while the US stock markets loved the Euro bailout yesterday, it is not looking quite as good for German chancellor Angela Merkel.

4. oil spill small containment dome
Another day, another attempt at containing the Gulf Coast oil spill. I heard Sarah Palin is taking collections for all the families of the oil lost in this disaster.

5. brian cushing rookie award
A guy got suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs in the NFL. What are you gonna tell me next? The Great Plains witnessed a series of twisters? Oh yeah, forgot about that...

Now drop that FRESH knowledge on 'em!

1. 800-pound alligator caught
I am not even sure if 800 lbs. is big for an alligator. Now, if a group of alligators caught an 800-pound human, that would be one hell of a story.

2. dwyane wade's wife arrested
Apparently, Wade's estranged wife was too busy celebrating Mother's Day by filing frivolous lawsuits on behalf of her children against their dad to remember to come to court yesterday.

3. katy perry maxim hot 100
Katy Perry is atop Maxim magazine's list of the hottest women in the world, which should ignite a major controversy among a bunch of dudes who enjoy arbitrary rankings of a bunch of women they'll never meet.

4. world's most humane prison
I know, a "humane prison" sounds like an oxymoron, but here's the catch: the prison is in Norway. So, I guess imprisoned or not, not a whole lot to do anyways.

5. cvs shoplifting suspect death
What kind of world are we living in when you can't even shoplift in a CVS without worrying about being choked to death?

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