August 3, 2011 - Fear The Beard Man

Ahhhh, big city public transportation. If you ever have the joys of living in a large city and using their public transportation systems, I can guarantee that the craziest things you EVER see in your life will be on these trains and buses (and monorails?)
This one is a classic, though, even by the crazy standards of public transport. From what I can remember, this was taken early in the morning, and it later turned out that the African-American fellow had had a few drinks, which probably explains why he provoked the crazy old white dude with the beard into dropping him with a few swift blows to the head.
In the words of the camera-woman, "Ooooh, he is leakin!"
Also, in the words of the victim, "Bring an ambalance!"

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  1. I'm scared of the beard man. I don't know whether to like it or hate it. But I couldn't stop watching.


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