August 11, 2011 - Going Wrong on The Right

There were a lot of moments in John McCain's Presidential campaign of 2008 where he probably thought to himself, "What has become of me?"
The man who was once seen as too liberal for his own party will probably now best be remembered for heaving the unnatural phenomenon that is Sarah Palin onto our unsuspecting nation. This bold VP pick was just one of many attempts to connect to the conservative base of the Republican party, which unfortunately for McCain included disheveled older women who read something somewhere (or perhaps she was told in a dream by Jesus) that indicated that Barack Obama was an Arab who could not be trusted.
Of course, this moment illustrates perfectly why McCain lost that election. You can see the non-politician in McCain coming out and basically saying, "Listen, if this is the average American that I am being elected to represent, then maybe I'm not the right guy for this job."

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