May 27, 2011 - F'in Olive-Eaters!

I wouldn't consider myself a picky eater by any means, but if there is one thing that I don't like to eat, it is olives. I don't know if I'd say I hate olives, but I certainly have very strong negative feelings toward them. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I was born this way, and I don't think it will change any time soon. It doesn't mean that YOU can't enjoy olives. I may not understand how you could like olives, but I am certainly okay with that kind of lifestyle, and will not discriminate against you if you happen to enjoy the taste of the mighty olive. I have a lot of friends and families that are olive-eaters. I even support your right to marry olives if it ever becomes legal. Well, maybe that's taking it a little far, but you get the point. I just hope you don't get offended next time a basketball player gets caught up in the heat of the moment and calls an unruly fan an "F*in Ol***-Eater!"


  1. I used to dislike olives, but I've learned to eat it. Don't ask me how. I guess it's one of those things that you can't explain. I only eat the most plain olives though, not the ones stuffed with cheese or something else. That I can't eat either.

    What I really can't eat is liver or any other organ type of meat!

  2. I LOVE olives. The black ones, that is. The green ones are okay, too, but still. Maybe it's wrong to favor one type of olive over another, but I am who I am. (Sigh)

  3. Is he putting an olive into the other person's mouth? Are they sharing an olive? I'm perplexed.

    Back to the olive question since you know I am a foodie! I love olives, especially the green ones with the red pimento (which I lated found out was a slice of a red pepper. Who Knew!! I after I got married I tried black olives on pizza, so I like them as well.

  4. I like green olives, and even sliced black olives on pizza, but I'm really into olive oil. I even use Pam Olive Oil cooking spray now, and I have a friend who uses olive oil as her main skin care product.

    However, I can't stand bananas, sweet potatoes or oatmeal, so you can have my share of those and I'll eat your olives.


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