September 17,18,19, 2010 - fresh weekend FAVORITE WORD knowledge!

We asked again, and you answered again. What's your favorite word in the English language? See what 5 words Konway picked, then take a look at what the readers had to say.
Sometimes, being fluid can indicate that one is smooth, or moves smoothly, which is really cool. However, once you start talking about bodily fluids, the mood changes drastically. "In his job as a body fluids collector, his movements were fluid, and there was no wasted motion."
I guess when something is enigmatic, it's almost like annoyingly mysterious. It doesn't have the carefree, pleasant tone that mysterious has...and it's more fun to say. "The strange appeal of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag was always so enigmatic."
Not only a powerful explosive, but also used to express how much you like something. "Oh, Jimmy, that outfit is just dynamite! All your schoolmates will love it!"
Translated to Latin, this word means "River Horse." Yet, somehow, the word hippo just seems to fit this animal so perfectly. "The hippopotamus was extremely hungry, and tried to eat all the small, colored balls before the other hippos could."
The platypus is just like a funny-looking beaver, but that would be kinda rude if we just called it that all the time. "The platypus had always been extremely self-conscious about his appearance."

best WORD
pyager says...
A: humongous
For my money, there is no better way to describe something that is extremely large in size. "That fat person over there is humongous!"
lovyboheme says...
A: indubitably
Why say undoubtedly, when you can say indubitably...if you can say it.. "Indubitably, Water Cooler, The is one of the finest blogs in all the land."
HarveyAvatar says...
A: solipsism
This is the belief that only the self exists...which, if you think about it, kinda makes sense. "Tiger Woods used to enjoy two things: solipsism and golf."
cookingasshole says...
A: penultimate
Usually the word ultimate is a good thing, but being penultimate, or second to last, is almost never seen in a positive light. "The runner was told he was the penultimate finisher out of 1,000, which sounded good until he found out what it meant."
liftingmeup says...
A: otolaryngologist
Also known as an ear, nose and throat doctor...I guess ear, nose and throat doctors need something to make them sound more professional. "He couldn't understand why he needed to see someone as important-sounding as an otolaryngologist for a simple sore throat."
CSR says...
A: articulate
Unless you are trying to build up your street cred, it's probably good to try and be articulate. "50 Cent once threatened to shoot a guy just because he thought he was being too articulate."
jayme says...
A: pulchritude
Did you know that pulchritude means physical beauty? No joke. Go ahead and use it in a pickup line some time. "Damn, girl, I can't believe your pulchritude tonight!"
FreakSmack says...
A: smush
I am guessing if bugs had tombstones, the word smush or smushed would be on a lot of them. "The insect met an untimely end when the young boy decided to smush it."
crpitt says...
A: pants
Pants can refer to two things, both of which are quite awesome. However, normal breathing is less creepy than panting. "You, sir, are looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!"
thedateexperiment says...
A: copacetic
Can you think of a more educated, interesting way of saying something is just fine, or simply okay? Didn't think so. "Israel and Palestine continue to strive to be copacetic with one another."

Don't like the words we picked. Pick up a dictionary and find your very own favorite word!


  1. Damn it I didn't make the list again!

    Platypus sounds better in Spanish; ornitorrinco ;)

  2. If a platypus is like a beaver then surely it should be called a platypussy

  3. Cool list of words! I wonder if anyone could use them all in a short paragraph? =)


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