April 6, 2010 - The Butler Almost Did It

1. duke national champion
Against all odds, miles away from home, with the help of a powerful mustache, the Butler Bulldogs with young Gordon Hayward and a former marketing executive from Eli Lilly almost took away Coach Krzryzsrysyzeski's fourth shot at one shining moment, not once...but twice. Alas, in the end, young Mr. Hayward will have to settle for millions of NBA dollars.

2. tiger woods press conference
You can watch the whole thing, or I can just summarize it for you: "I made a lot of mistakes. I have learned a lot in rehab. I will continue to dominate golf. No comment." I get a strange feeling this isn't the end of the Tiger Woods saga this week.

3. west virginia mine explosion
Unfortunately, it appears to be mining disaster season. Let's hope this is the last of it...there's nothing really funny to write about mining disasters.

4. desperate housewives assault
Nicollette Sheridan is suing the creator of the show for killing off her character...no, wait, for making her do that commercial with T.O. a few years back...no, wait, apparently, it's just for assault. (Obvious note: when I say "just for assault" I am by no means promoting violence against women or TV stars.)

5. wikileaks video
I have to imagine The Pentagon is none too happy about this wikileaks.org site releasing a "still-classified" video of US troops killing civilians and journalists and shooting at Iraqi children. Although, I am sure they are not as upset as the Iraqi civilians, journalists and children that were being shot at. Nevertheless, if you are a voyeur or really love violence and/or killing, go check out the videos.

6. toyota fine
Don't misunderstand the title of this one: Toyota cars and their braking systems are not necessarily "fine." What is fine is the $16 million dollars that Toyota now owes the US government. 

7. nuclear obama
No, this is not a cool new nickname for Barack...apparently, Mr. Obama is updating the guidelines for deployment of nuclear weaponry. Republicans are worried that one of the new rules includes using nuclear weapons to assist health care death panels

8. hp slate
HP is preparing to launch the iPad killer. God knows that iPad has had too large a share of the touchtablet PC market for wayyyy too long.

9. india maoists
There's a revolution brewing in India. Apparently, a bunch of insurgent Maoists are none too happy with the current state of government. I suppose when you have as many people living in your country as India does, a few of them are not going to be happy all the time.

10. gordon brown
The British really put the "polit(e)" in politics. Apparently, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is "deeply unpopular," and has just called for the next general election on May 6. However, despite his tremendous lack of approval, it appears people feel so bad for him that he may just stay in power. Everyone knows the Queen runs the show over there anyways.

1. topless protests in maine - A bunch of ladies in Portland, Maine want the right to walk around with their shirts off.  Apparently, most guys are in favor of this as well (depending on who is exercising this right.)
2. lil wayne blog - Finally, Lil Wayne has started blogging from jail. I guess starting a blog is not quite the feat I once thought it was.
3. one shining moment hudson - Several people are talking about last night's new rendition of CBS' NCAA Tournament tradition: One Shining Moment. Apparently, Jennifer Hudson was only chosen to perform this because Lil Wayne was in jail writing a blog.

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